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Mixed Media
Marcel Eichner - Das blaue lange mit der GieskanneMarcel Eichner - In Bed with Dr. okHenning Bohl - HOLO, o.T.iiiRichard Aldrich - Boy With MachinesMark Bradford - KryptoniteMOTHER AND CHILD
The Long Way to Your Lips by Marius Popasentence imposed painted with ugly colors and canvas 100x100 cmPortrait without a face painted in ugly colors and canvas 100x100cm

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08-02-2013 17:03
abstractionLearningWorlds Awaynewyork-newyorkPaul Costin; Oil, 2012, Painting "Forest's spirit"Norwegian Mood  2007 by Roger Werk
Untitled  2013 by Roger Werk"Icarus" by Magdalena Soltuz"Birds" by Magdalena Soltuz"The Sleep" by Magdalena SoltuzGauguin's Dream   2013ghost in the machine - Loui Jover

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04-01-2013 17:58
Digital Art
AndroidArt/T.NudoMy Computerwork 1The Art of Going MadunknownThe New Design In Abstract City ArtMy Life Stories: Challenger Highest
Earth Shademe againANGEL TEARSNo titleGolden SpiralsBather and the observer

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04-01-2013 17:58
Collage Art
Petra Senn "impossibility"adventure24-ARTE EXQUISITO Collage911Rondas mágicasHenri Matisse: Blue Nude II, 1952
mail boxJulien Pacaud, When You Sleep (1991)Andro Wekua: Burning Palm Tree2010 'Such as abstraction of reality'DiscoveryPablo Picasso - Man with a Hat and a Violin

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04-01-2013 17:58
Sand Art in MagalufThirstAboutLily padsself-portraitSnow Cold!!
Diluted Structure 2TranceAway from the maddening crowd.....Smokey....StormJohn Caponigro, Rosa Celestia Series: Elemental Series

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04-01-2013 17:58

maria mascarenhas
Excelentes fotos.

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Thank you, Maria!