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Claude Monet: Stacks of Wheat (End of Summer)Imi Knoebel at Bärbel GrässlinImi Knoebel, Grace Kelly IIIMarcel Eichner - Gelb Grün Lang Mit Kuh und MenschDorset Green - Peter Lanyon (b.1918 – 1964)Richard Diebenkorn - berkeley no. 22, 1954
Richard Diebenkorn - Urbana No. 4"Concetto spaziale, Attese," 1963-1964 by Lucio Fontana

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27-04-2013 19:49
Joan Mitchell
Joan Mitchell  - Grande Valee, 1983Cerulean Blue Tree by Joan MitchellJoan Mitchell: DuneJoan Mitchell: Salut TomJoan MitchellJoan Mitchell
Number 12 by Joan MitchellJoan Mitchell, Untitled, 1961Joan MitchellJoan MitchellJoan Mitchell, Untitled 1956Joan Mitchell

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23-10-2012 23:05
Cy Twombly
Nine discourses on Commodus, Cy Twombly, 1963, 7Nine discourses on Commodus, Cy Twombly, 1963, 9Nine discourses on Commodus, Cy Twombly, 1963, 6Nine discourses on Commodus, Cy Twombly, 1963, 1Nine discourses on Commodus, Cy Twombly, 1963, 2Cy Twombly: Untitled (Rome)
Cy Twombly: UntitledCy Twombly: UntitledCy Twombly: UntitledOlympia - Cy Twombly 1957Cy Twombly - Red PaintingCY TWOMBLY- Camino Real II

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20-10-2012 20:36
Willem de Kooning
Willem De Kooning - February 1957Willem de Kooning: Woman IIWillem de Kooning: CompositionWillem de Kooning: Untitled (Man)Willem de Kooning: CompositionWillem De Kooning - The Visit
De Kooning - "Door to the river"de Kooning, A Tree in NaplesDe Kooning, untitled, 1948 - 9Willem de Kooning photographed in his studioWillem de Kooning, The Visit. 1966-7Willem de Kooning,1904, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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20-10-2012 17:34
Maurizio Anzeri - YvonneTurning The Place Over - Richard WilsonMatthew Barney: The Cremaster Suite, Ed. 10, 4 of 5Red light silkUn Chien Andalou, Salvador Dalí, Luis BuñuelPas de Deux by Daniel Wurtzel
Maurizio Anzeri - Family day fashion artMaurizio Anzeri

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11-08-2012 13:35
man ray/1890-1976Saatchi Online Artist: Rein Nomm; Digital,  Photography "After It's All Gone"Alexander Rodchenko 1927-fire escape MoscowErwin Blumenfeld - Self-Portrait, New York, 1945John Stezaker- Marriage (Film Portrait Collage) XXXI [ Out Of Focus: Photography ]John Stezaker- Blind [ Out Of Focus: Photography ]
Self Portrait With Double brested Suit and dead hareGravestoneMan Ray: Le Violon diIngres, 1924Alberto Seveso, A Due CororiPatty Smith by Robert MapplethorpeDancing Paint – Martin Klimas

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02-08-2012 22:31
Henri Matisse, A Glimpse of Notre Dame in the Late Afternoon, 1902'Farms near Auvers', Vincent van Gogh | TateWilliam Daniels - Untitled, 2010Brice Marden - Second Letter (Zen Spring)Robert Rauschenberg: RebusEgon Schiele- Self Portrait with Physalis
Wassily Kandinsky: Landscape with Church (Landscape with Red SpotsEmily Kam Kngwarray , Anooralya (Wild Yam Dreaming)Daniel Richter: Käptn JackGustav Klimt - Adele Bloch-Bauer's PortraitHaeri Yoo, Friendly SharingHelen Frankenthaler, Coral Wedge, 1972

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29-07-2012 22:17
Jacob Hashimoto, 2010Alejandra Prieto, Concave Coal Mirror, 2012Kishio Suga, Placement of the Hidden Currents, 2012Natasha Perova -  installation " Untitled "Pipilotti Rist, Massachusetts ChandelierFelix Gonzalez-Torres, Untitled (USA today) 1990
Rebecca Horn: High MoonsTo the Memory of H.P. Lovecraf - Mike NelsonSusan Hiller at Tate Britain (Art Forum) | Ethnographic TerminaliaJannis Kounellis, UntitledJannis Kounellis, The ObserverOlafur Eliasson, Frost Activity, 2004

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29-07-2012 21:39
Alex Hanson-Deakin
Alex Hanson-Deakin From: Hui Jo
16-09-2012 19:58
Andy Goldsworthy
Andy Goldsworthy From: Hui Jo
22-08-2012 01:31