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Street Art
Banksy Celebrates the London Olympics with new work | Art News and Events | Rise Artby DranBy CozmoMural by "osgemeos" in BostonScream!Kissing Policeman
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03-11-2013 11:16

Colorida Art Gallery
Dear Avena, Excellent works. Regards, Jose Roberto Moreira Colorida Art Gallery

Alberto Martini, Minós (Inferno V) (detail), 1937Ophelia - John William Waterhouse, 1894Mary Catherine Bolton as Ophelia, 1813Hamlet and Ophelia - Mikhail Vrubel, 1888Hamlet shows his mother the ghost of his father, 1778 - Statens Museum of KunstSarah Bernhardt as Hamlet, with Yorick's skull (Photographer: James Lafayette, c. 1885–1900)
Mignon Nevada as Ophelia, 1910Tom Sawyer (Whitewashing the Fence) Norman RockwellHansel and Gretel, 1896 Mikhail VrubelUna and Lion, Briton RiviereParsifal, 1912 Odilon RedonLady Macbeth, 1898 Odilon Redon

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01-11-2013 11:37
The Death of Ophelia, 1905 Odilon RedonThe burning of a Turkish frigate,  Konstantinos VolanakisSelf portrait with Nikos Nikolaou, 1937 Yiannis MoralisTwo friends,Yannis Moralis, 1946Alekos Kontopoulos:  Hand, 1956Alekos Kontopoulos:  Έαρ έδε, 1955
Alekos Kontopoulos: Mountain, 1946Alekos Kontopoulos: Mother and Child, 1943Alekos Kontopoulos: Le canal bethune, 1939Alekos Kontopoulos: Naked in the woods, 1932Georgios Jakobides: Girl Reading, 1882Thalia Flora-Karavia: Portrait of poet K.P. Cavafy

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29-08-2012 16:50

carlo grassini
You have done a fine job of finding some really beautiful works here. Very enjoyable. Grazie

Avena F.
Thanks for your appreciation

Gabri Berti
Iadore Modi'! expecially the nudes! they are soooo beautiful!

Crucifixion, 1913 Max ErnstMontparnasse, 1940-1941, Francis PicabiaVirgin with Infant - Francis Picabia, 1933-1935The Laundresses - Francis Picabia, 1935Umberto Boccioni: Mourning, 1910Umberto Boccioni: Modern Idol ,1911
Otto Dix: The widowOtto Dix: The God of confectionersOtto Dix: ProstitutesOtto Dix: Prostitute -- Girl with Red BowOtto Dix: MelancholieOtto Dix: Cosi fan tutte

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20-08-2012 13:53
Lemminkäinen's Mother, 1897 Akseli Gallen-KallelaDeath Listens, 1897 Hugo SimbergThe Garden of the Dead, 1896 Hugo SimbergOn the Stream of Life, 1896 Hugo SimbergKing Hobgoblin Sleeping, 1896 Hugo SimbergMorning Milking, 1895 Hugo Simberg
Maria, 1906 Helene SchjerfbeckPortrait of a Child, 1883 Helene SchjerfbeckDancing Shoes, 1882 Helene SchjerfbeckGirl from Eydtkuhnen II, 1927 Helene SchjerfbeckOld Woman, 1907 Helene SchjerfbeckSmiling Girl, 1921 Helene Schjerfbeck

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21-10-2013 22:19
Italian Morning, 1823 Karl BryullovInnocence, Paul Delaroche, 1820Portrait of Simonetta Vespucci as Cleopatra, 1490 Piero di CosimoSeated Nude Model Christoffer Wilhelm EckersbergNude Woman Putting On Her Slippers Christoffer Wilhelm EckersbergJean Fouquet  Madonna and Child  from the Melun Diptych (1450)
Two Women with Poppies - Francis Picabia, 1942-1944The brunette and blonde - Francis PicabiaNude - Francis Picabia, 1942Dancer of- French Cancan - Francis Picabia, 1942-1943Yim Mau-KunA.L Steiner- Melissa With Lipstick [ Out Of Focus: Photography ]

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26-09-2012 12:04

christian ruckerbauer
Great collection!

Nicolae Grigorescu: The jew with a gooseNicolae Tonitza:  Self-Portrait, 1923Nicolae Tonitza:The Forester's Daughter (1924)Nicolae Tonitza:  Queuing for Bread, 1920Nicolae Tonitza: ScherzzoNicolae Tonitza: On the Veranda
Nicolae Tonitza: MinerNicolae Tonitza:  Still Life with FruitNicolae Tonitza: PuppetsNicolae Tonitza: The Jpaanese WomanNicolae Tonitza:  MournerNicolae Tonitza: Field Flowers

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29-08-2012 14:17
Madonna with the Sleigh - Marc Chagall, 1947Quiet Days, Michael SowaChristmas Santa Reading Mail, 1935 Norman RockwellA Drum for Tommy, 1921, Norman RockwellChristmas Morning, 1894 Carl LarssonThe Day Before Christmas, 1892 Carl Larsson
Lytras Nikiforos,  Carols,1872Andrea Mantegna, (1431-1556) -Adoration of the Magi.Leonardo da Vinci. Adoration of the Magi.  1481-1482Lucas Cranach the Elder. The Birth of Christ.  1515-1520Alessandro Botticelli. Mystic Nativity. 1500Caravaggio. Nativity with Saints Francis and Lawrence. 1609

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30-10-2013 10:06
Pop Art
Flowers,  Andy WarholVesuvius, Andy WarholTriple Elvis, Andy WarholRebel Without A Cause (James Dean) Andy WarholMarilyn, Andy WarholBlack Lenin, 1987 Andy Warhol
Ingrid Bergman as the Nun, 1983 Andy WarholAlbert Einstein, 1980 Andy WarholSkull, 1976 Andy WarholMick Jagger, 1975 Andy WarholMan Ray, 1974 Andy WarholMao, 1972 Andy Warhol

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12-08-2012 21:37

Alfred Horne
love your collections

Alex Katz
Alex Katz: City Night, 1998Alex Katz:Poppies, 1967.Alex Katz: Beach Sandals, 1987.Alex Katz: Spruce, 1994.Alex Katz:Twilight, 2007.Alex Katz: Vincent, 1982.
Alex Katz The Black Dress, 1960.Alex Katz,   Blue Umbrella, 1979–80Alex Katz,  The Green Cap,   1985Alex Katz:  Ted Berrigan (1967)Alex Katz:   Ada (2011)Alex Katz:  Katz’s Face of a Poet (1972)

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14-07-2012 10:32
Kim Schuessler, American, "Chicken Legs"Audrey Niffenegger - Raven GirlL'attesa, 1926 Carlo CarraLa casa dell'amore, 1922 Carlo CarraIl mulino di Sant'Anna, 1921 Carlo Carra"Black Kitten" by Dmitry Sandzhiev
Portrait of a Man with a Falcon - Petrus Christus, 1447Pink Palace Ibis in the Vesinet - Giovanni Boldini, 1910Language of bird - Nicholas Roerich, 1920Lady with a Squirrel and a Starling - Hans Holbein the Younger, 1527The White Cockatoo (Coronation Cockatoo) - Stanley Spencer, 1937Self-Portrait with Bonito - Frida Kahlo, 1941

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08-06-2012 19:18
Girl with a Stick, 1881 Camille PissarroVoltigeur, 1828-1830 Karl BryullovPortrait of a Young Girl, 1470 Petrus ChristusGenealogy, Andrey Remnev (1962, Russian)Untitled by Andrey Remnev (1962, Russian)Breton Boys Wrestling, 1888 Paul Gauguin
Working Class Boy Otto DixNelly with Toy Otto DixMother and Eva Otto DixMother with Child, 1921 Otto DixPortait of Maria Teresa de Borbón y Vallabriga, Francisco GoyaPepito Costa and Bonells, 1813,  Francisco Goya

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08-06-2012 19:10
Edvard Munch
Edvard Munch, Galloping Horse, 1910-2Edvard Munch, Horse Team, 1919Edvard Munch:  Head of a Dog, 1930Edvard Munch:  Workers on Their Way Home, 1913-1915Edvard Munch:  Snow Falling in the Lane, 1906Edvard Munch:  Four Ages in Life, 1902
Edvard Munch:  Golgotha, 1900Edvard Munch:  Kiss, 1897Edvard Munch:  Puberty, 1894Edvard Munch: Night,  Eye in Eye, 1894Edvard Munch: Night, Tavern in St. Cloud, 1890Edvard Munch: Night, 1890

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16-07-2012 19:17