Album: Surreal

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Stephen Simpkins
Very clever, you have a great eye to see things where 98% of the population can't or won't see. People... read more

Self portrait
Self portrait From: David Norfolk
21-09-2013 11:39

David Norfolk
Possibly my face spoils it :-)

Legs From: David Norfolk
21-09-2013 11:37
A hole in the city
A hole in the city From: David Norfolk
21-09-2013 11:35

Stephen Simpkins
Great Picture. How many walk passed without noticing.

David Norfolk
Thanks. I guess that noticing such things is what photographers are supposed to do....

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
You got eyes for things that we other just passing by without myself!That`s why you are able to... read more

David Norfolk
Thank you. Showing that the real world is less mundane than we often think is what photography is all about... read more