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Daniel DeNapoli Mr. Danno
Great Album..great Art!

Daniel Abrunheiro
Glad you like it, Daniel. Be my guest to share whatever pleases you.

Drager Meurtant
Very nice bundle spanning many ages. And even more with the presence of less popular artists with their own saying

Carles Sapena
Un gusto exquisito...

Volodymyr Tsyupko
Super photography

Daniel Abrunheiro
It is in deed, Volodymyr.

Agnieszka Schoen
excellent collection

Daniel Abrunheiro
Be welcome, Agnieszka.

Tatiana Domazetovich
Great album. Interesting photos and information! Thank you for the pleasure. Sincerely, Tatiana

'Cities, like cats, will reveal themselves at night,'  Rupert Brooke (Leiria, Portugal, terça-feira, 22 de Abril de 2014)Svetlana GeierPraia do Osso da Baleia (Portugal) - 30 de Agosto de 2014 - IIPraia do Osso da Baleia (Portugal)  - 30 de Agosto de 2014 -  ILeiria, terça-feira, 22 de Abril de 2014 (Daniel Abrunheiro, Portugal)Home cross/window - February 11th 2014 by Daniel Abrunheiro
Leiria (Portugal),  20 de Março de 2013 by Daniel AbrunheiroBoa pergunta (Foto tirada da TV, 16 de Janeiro de 2014) - by Daniel AbrunheiroWritten Night (Portugal, May 5th 2012) by Daniel AbrunheiroTaken during a medieval fair in Pombal castle (Portugal), probably 2001 by Daniel AbrunheiroPhoto of  working TV by Daniel Abrunheiro - IVphoto of working TV by Daniel Abrunheiro - III

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28-04-2012 15:42

kostas daskarolis
such a clever concept.

Daniel Abrunheiro
Thank you, KD.

Francesca Nerval
My favourite group ever...Thank you! Love this photo.

Daniel Abrunheiro
My pleasure, Francesca.

For all those who scarificed their lives before and after, for the sake of their ivory!

Sietske Evenhuis
Hear, hear!