Album: Adel El Siwi (Egyptian, b.1952)

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Born in Behera (Egypt), Adel El Siwi studied medicine at Cairo University in the 1970s and later pursued a career in fine art after independently taking up painting full time since 1979. In 1980 he relocated to Milan where he lived and worked for a decade before moving back to Cairo where he continues to live and work. El Siwi has exhibited both nationally and internationally including the Cairo Biennial 2008, Arabia Italia at the Chelsea Art Museum, New York 2008 and the seminal Word into Art curated by Venetia Porter at the British Museum also in 2008 among many others. His works reside in collections both regionally and internationally including the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art, the Museum of the Institute of the Arab World, the American University of Cairo, along with many other respected museums around the world.