Album: Rafa Al Nasiri (Iraqi, b.1940)

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Rafa al-Nasiri is a renowned Iraqi artist who was educated in Iraq, Germany, Portugal and China, and became the Chair of the Department of Graphic Art at the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad in the 1970s. Besides his paintings and graphic art, he is known for the Art Books he has produced to celebrate classical and modern poets, including Al-Mutanabbi and Mahmoud Darwish. He was a member of the ‘New Vision’ group and his work has been included in international exhibitions, including ‘Word into Art’ (British Museum) and the touring exhibition ‘Dafatir: Contemporary Iraqi Book Art’. He has won several prestigious prizes in Europe and the Middle East for his art. He has lived in Bahrain and Paris and is presently living in Amman. The Artist's official YouTube channel:

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