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Fran Lew is an American Master Portrait Artist. She is a contemporary realist, trained in Academic Classical Realism. She is best known for her portraits. Lew's style of portraiture combines traditional techniques of the Old Masters with her own contemporary vision. Lew's training can be traced back to the 19th century French Academy and is a path less traveled, especially in these modern times when the Avant Garde is dominating the art world. Fran Lew is in the forefront of artists who are leading the resurgence of Realism in the visual arts.

Fran Lew comes from a family of artists. She...

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Erminio Camillo
Lavori eccellenti!

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Fran Lew
Rick & IlsaSam SpadeGone With The WindUntitledNew York SocialiteThe Queen of Tarts
Pokerface PeteThe FishermanLauraColor Study: Natural AngelColor Study: Morning GloryStudy of Gen Moshe Dyan

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28-04-2012 18:02

naren sharma
i have no words to say.............ossom painting is this ..

Christopher Ryland
You show how fine technique can take you further.

Kris Kary
Portraits are very nice..

Horse Thief c.1852
Horse Thief c.1852 From: Fran Lew
16-07-2012 01:01
Smoke Signal c.1908
Smoke Signal c.1908 From: Fran Lew
14-07-2012 00:59
Ready for Love
Ready for Love From: Fran Lew
13-07-2012 17:27
Self Portrait c. 1927
Self Portrait c. 1927 From: Fran Lew
13-07-2012 00:37
Montana Legend
Montana Legend From: Fran Lew
11-07-2012 00:41
Nobel Laureate
Nobel Laureate From: Fran Lew
08-07-2012 17:29
New York Socialite
New York Socialite From: Fran Lew
08-07-2012 17:22
Paige From: Fran Lew
08-07-2012 17:21

Terry Kelly
Children are so hard to paint. What I mean by that is I feel from the portrait that she is... read more

Fran Lew
Thanks Terry. You're right........children are not easy subjects. There is an old saying that goes something like this: "A... read more

Alexis Spanides
Beautyful... Thanks for your message, I paint with acrylics...

Fran Lew
Thank you Alexis for your comment.

luping zeng
Happy Easter to Miss Fran Lew

Mike Gappy

Fran Lew
Thank you.