HAMBURG MAWINGU COLLECTION by Peter-Andreas Kamphausen

HAMBURG MAWINGU COLLECTION by Peter-Andreas Kamphausen
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About the Collection

The Hamburg Mawingu Collection belongs to internationally leading collections of modern and contemporary East-African Makonde Art. Beside numerous masterpieces of the well-known Makonde carver the HMC: George Lilanga Collection represents an essential part of the collection with masterpieces from all work-periods of this internationally renowned artist, e.g. paintings, drawings, etchings, metal-works, sculptures. Another special department is the HMC: Africa Today Collection which contains interesting art works from other African visual artists.

Beside the actual collection activities we execute own scientific studies and exhibitions, initiate and support research as well as other art and culture related projects in Africa and...
Album: HMC Documentation From: HAMBURG MAWINGU COLLECTION by Peter-Andreas Kamphausen
HMC Documentation
Former Tanzania Banknote 1978 with Makonde Sculpture by Kashimiri MatayoGeorge Lilanga: HMC Work Directory 2005George LIlanga: Hamburg Art Week 2012A very special Lilanga Exhibition at Hamburg Art Week 2012

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