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Hina Shah
This painting dates back to his Blue Period (rumoured to be due to his best friend's suicide) The word... read more

Raphael- Self Portrait
Raphael- Self Portrait From: Hina Shah
07-10-2012 13:09
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Dante Gabriel Rossetti From: Hina Shah
07-10-2012 13:06

Hina Shah
This girl, with some what differences in colour of hair, appears in almost all of Rossetti's work. He had fallen... read more

marium ali
this is nice....<3

Salvadore Dali
Salvadore Dali From: Hina Shah
03-10-2012 04:40

Hina Shah
The symbolic interpretation of this painting is much debated. It is said to represent the horrors of war, and yet... read more

Gillon Stephenson
While critics often intellectualise and speculate and elaborate, probably best to here from the horse's mouth. I'll go with Dali... read more

Hina Shah
A lot of his paintings have derived inspiration from the atomic attacks in Japan. I believe this particular one may... read more

Jaime Herrera
A kiss perhaps. Two separate but uniquely similar creatures coalescing. Viscerally truthful, though symbolic.

Vincent Van Gogh
Vincent Van Gogh From: Hina Shah via Cristina Jolie
02-10-2012 05:51

Gillon Stephenson
The old masters brought so much emotional truth into their work -- incredibly moving. I don't think I've ever seen... read more

Hina Shah
Precisely, there's so much agony that just channels through and crushes ones heart, even though the face is hidden. And... read more

Nicolas Alexandre
Is that the same Ophelia as she was describe in a poem of Arthur Rimbaud

Hina Shah
Ophelia was a Shakespearean character. She appears in Hamlet where she jumps into the river and sings until she drowns.... read more

Talal Shah
i dream to have knowledge like u got .... incredible

Eugene Delacroix - Art
Eugene Delacroix - Art From: Hina Shah
02-10-2012 05:27