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Painting is potentially a unique, mysterious and magical method and tradition that allows exploration and encounter to transpire and inspire through colour, composition and motif and the necessary meditation and contemplation thereof in the pursuit of awareness and consciousness.

In August I will exhibit at the Brick Lane Gallery Annex in a group exhibition of works on paper. In September 2015, I will exhibit at a group exhibition at the New Artist Fair at the Old Truman Brewery in September 2015. I exhibited at a group exhibition of Portraits at the Brick Lane Gallery in February 2015. In September...

Robert Jones
Really exciting work!

Jose Gabriel Peláez Ibañez
Excellent work!!

Album: Streetscapes From: James Tunney
Twilight homeStudy. Memory of the Music Machine Camden 1977 (No.2)Study: Memory of the Music Machine, Camden August 1977Study of Twilight Street in NepalAmsterdam Rainy CobblestonesPorta D'Ottavia
Bay of Naples: PompeiiOutside the Walls of San GimignanoSunrise Spirits of the Scouring BurnAmsterdam NightJoyce in PulaChelsea Hotel. Acquainted with the Night

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21-09-2013 18:45

Stephen Green
Love this album James.

Raluca Moisoiu
I like your works very much!

Jose Gabriel Peláez Ibañez
Wonderful work!!

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Loved this album....wonderful works.....

Album: Sort of Self-Portraits From: James Tunney
Sort of Self-Portraits
OrchardshadeIEgyptICrespuscularioStudio FarewellForestpathIImpastoI: Study
Addition: New Baby on ArmUntie the Spell IPhoenixITransitI

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24-09-2013 17:51

John Janzen
Soutine-esque. Bravo!

Robert Jones

Album: Portrait - Reflections From: James Tunney
Portrait - Reflections
Rory Gallagher: A Million Miles AwayRasputin: PenultimateRottnest. PenultimateStudy: Ghosts of Rottnest in a BoxStudy: Ghosts of Rottnest- No Cool MeditationStudy: Ghosts of Rottnest and Jimbar
Study: Ghosts of RottnestDark Bono 2Robbie BurnsRembrandt VMandelaMandela

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21-09-2013 18:27
Album: Power of Words From: James Tunney
Power of Words
Enthusiasm (final)One Flew East (final)EntheogenOne Flew EastOranges and lemonsEnthusiasm
Suffragettes Ambush ChurchillOn the Edge'Tempest' LinesNature of EnchantmentCartoon1Love Many Trust Few: Motto

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14-10-2012 16:16
Album: Towards the Abstract From: James Tunney
Towards the Abstract
Chelsea Hotel: Acquainted with the Night (frameless)Golden pentameterThe Long CountTerra IncognitaThe Rose GardenUndercover
Garden of Earthly DelightsBerlin AquariumCamouflageLika a Vapour

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14-10-2012 10:47

Nina Kossman
This is a wonderful album.

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
real wonderful collection of your works.

Jose Gabriel Peláez Ibañez
Very beautiful work!

Album: Art Figure Rap From: James Tunney
Art Figure Rap
ZoeticFragments of fragments finalNight Come TenderlyFramesKellsPlacemaker
Mark VArtfigurerap 11Artfigurerap6Study for FragmentsArtfigurerap 2Artfigurerap 3

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06-10-2012 22:04

Daniel DeNapoli Mr. Danno
GREAT!!! De Napoli

M.I. - Helen Decker
great vision, great works !

Ruth Clotworthy
Wonderful Works of Art!

Album: Archetypal, Mystic, Numinous From: James Tunney
Archetypal, Mystic, Numinous
Veronica 2Jacob Wrestles the AngelPharaohThe Last SupperHoneyhunterVeronica
Discovering the Taghairm (Verso)Le JongleurThe Buddha of Loch LomondSalmon of KnowledgeThe MagicianWater Buddha

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03-10-2012 11:01

Denis Woodcraft
Love your work!...

Nina Kossman
This, too, is a wonderful album.

James Tunney
Thanks again.

Album: Out of Ireland From: James Tunney
Out of Ireland
Mother & daughter run the gauntlet outside church:Study 3Bajo la Luna Gitana (unfinished)DeserterBoys in the bus shelter: StudyMother and child run the gauntlet outside church.Study 2Like a Scarlet Ibis
MoonangelRemembering The Travellers Burn Their CaravanBeware the big chairMother and daughter run the gauntlet outside churchCurious Goats Outside My TentOur Boys

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26-04-2012 05:15
Recent Art
Stillness for MovementStonewall JacksonBrendan BehanConor McGregorVan GoghPreparatory sketch of Sean Scully
Rembrandt 6Rasputin 3Rasputin 2The Golden CalfDestivelle 2Silk Road 2

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26-04-2012 05:15

Bilha Fuchs
Love your work. Bilha

Sample of My Art in Private Collections
Famine PhoenixThe Big ChairTwilight Boulevard of ConsciousnessRembrandt Reflection 4Enigma of Naples AfternoonArtfigurerap 1
Dark BonoMottoHarbingerTurquoise HealingRembrandt .Reflection 2In Another Form

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27-04-2012 10:46
X From: James Tunney
21-01-2016 11:32