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I'm a poet and creator of painted books. More information about me can be found here at Special Collections, the University of Maryland:

You may also hear me reading my work on the University of Pennsylvania's Penn Sound Site:

More of my work--both visual and sound--can be found on-line at Ubu-Web and at the Sachner archive of Visual and Concrete Poetry

Here is a review from the Guardian of one of my books:

You can read part of one of my novels here:
UFO Inhabitant and AudienceAldini'c Galvanic Experiments (early 19th c.)"Formes Allotropiques I"Jan Gossart "A Grotesque with Two Sirens" 1520-1522 Pen Black and Brown InkKerner, Justinus: KleksographienKerner, Justinus: Kleksographien (Stuttgart, 1890)
Kerner, Justinus: Kleksographien (Stuttgart, 1890)Kerner, Justinus: Kleksographien (Stuttgart, 1890)Kerner, Justinus: Kleksographien (Stuttgart, 1890)Kerner, Justinus: KleksographienKerner, Justinus: Kleksographien (Stuttgart, 1890)Kerner, Justinus: Kleksographien (Stuttgart, 1890)

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18-08-2014 03:46
GrylloiAbraxas Sealnorthmagneticpole:natural highMask of a man with short curly hair and long sideburns, A.D. late 1st century probably, Roman periodMask of a woman with corkscrew locks and bang,  A.D. 50–150, Roman period
Mask of a woman with a large coil of plaited hair, A.D. 117–138, Roman periodHuma Bhabha - The OrientalistNatasha Perova    2013Наташа Перова Untitled 2010Natasha Perova Untitled 2013Natasha Perova Untitled 2013

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16-08-2014 06:22

Jesse Glass
I spent two hours with The Wrestler at the great Olmec exhibit in Washington D.C. back in the 90's. it had incredible "presence".

UFOs Over Washington, 1952New Years' UFO picture from 1939Books and Art: Dancer Tanaquil LeClerq in Ballet Society, New...unknownHENRI CARTIER-BRESSON (1908-2004) | Alberto Giacometti, rue d'Alésia, Paris, 1961 | Photographs Auction | 1960s, Photographs | Christie'sMichael Hoppen Gallery - Artist - Brassai - - Untitled, 1932
Man Levitating ChairAmerican girl with French Fashion dolls, ca. 1880Squeeky the International Hamster In Her Extreme YouthGentleman (Mr. Raby) Surrounded By GhostsWoman with Daisies and Ghost In Winding SheetFrida Kahlo

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15-08-2014 12:37

Vera Deans Vucicevic
Very interesting photo, how was the bird/shadow effect achieved?

my masters
Robert Hooke's Drawing Of The Point Of A NeedleAncient DorsetBlue birdBeing Outline IIIStanding Nude  1910Self-Portrait in Blue Jacket - Max Beckmann -
Books and Art: Madonna with the Book (Connestabile Madonna)...Books and Art: Miss Craigie (1741). Allan Ramsay (Scottish,...Books and Art: Portrait of Two Young Women. Henri-François...Francisco Goya Witches' Sabbath 1798Francisco Goya Self portrait at 69 Yearsbenedetta bonichi

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14-08-2014 02:20

Jane du Brin
nice collection of works!

Jesse Glass
Thanks Jane! Jesse

Visual Poem
Visual Poem From: Jesse Glass
23-08-2014 07:48
Innocent of North
Innocent of North From: Jesse Glass
23-08-2014 07:46
Shout This
Shout This From: Jesse Glass
19-08-2014 04:22
Visual Poetry
Visual Poetry From: Jesse Glass
15-08-2014 06:22
Visual Poem
Visual Poem From: Jesse Glass
15-08-2014 06:20
Adultery Action
Adultery Action From: Jesse Glass
15-08-2014 06:14
Apocalyptic Beast
Apocalyptic Beast From: Jesse Glass
15-08-2014 05:32