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Photography Is My Passion... By Profession I'm A Gemmologist c/m Jewellery Designer...

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Jyothy Rose

Jyothy Rose added new work Fruit Carving

Jyothy Rose

Jyothy Rose added new work Fruit Carving

Jyothy Rose

Jyothy Rose added new work Frutit ARt

Jyothy Rose

Jyothy Rose added new work Fruit Art

Jyothy Rose

Jyothy Rose added new work Fruit Art

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Fruit CarvingFrutit ARtFruit ArtFruit ArtDuckCute Mouse
PenguinOrange CatSnailPencil workToy HouseFlower Vase

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07-08-2012 06:30

Saifuddin Ismailji
very creative :) Great!

Jyothy Rose
Thank you

Nanses Nanai
You're really good!

Jyothy Rose
Thank u

LovelyWorld of a little BubbleRays of sunshineSweet Baby AngelMiles To Go:)
Waiting for my Lucky dayMushroom Huts For Rent :)Tearssssssssssssssssssss...Lonely Angel in DarknessLonely AngelHappy Evening

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06-08-2012 10:01

Nanses Nanai

Jyothy Rose
Thank u

Album: Paintings From: Jyothy Rose
Dream WorldSunriseoh cutie!!!!StawberriesPrincessDreaming Of Prince..
Winter is ComingAngelQueen Of SkyWay to Heaven.Garden Of LoveGreat evening

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06-08-2012 10:00

Diane Easley
All so Beautiful!

Jyothy Rose
Thank you so much

Romantic PictureMoonlightEmile Vernon - Best of friendsSpirit of the NightEmile Vernon -The Flower GardenLovely Girl
John William Godward, Yes or No? (ca. 1893)Sword Of GodLiquid goldApril Love - Arthur HughesMarcus Stone- OliviaFrank Dicksee 1853-1928

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06-08-2012 09:34
And Miles To Go Before I Sleep:)MulberrySeeds of a TreeI'm wet with teardrops4 Breakfast
Bathing timeits tear drops from skyPink WorldRed means Love...Beauty QueenHands Of God

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26-07-2012 19:28

Sajjad Khan

Jyothy Rose
Thank u

Kris Kary
Very nice image collection...!

Jyothy Rose
Thank u

Nanses Nanai
Great visual love the album.

Mom & Me
Mom & Me From: Jyothy Rose
22-07-2013 11:31
Symbol Of Love
Symbol Of Love From: Jyothy Rose
22-07-2013 11:29
:) Star
:) Star From: Jyothy Rose
29-03-2013 15:13
<3 <3
<3 <3 From: Jyothy Rose
29-03-2013 15:12
<3 From: Jyothy Rose
29-03-2013 15:09
Lovely Nature
Lovely Nature From: Jyothy Rose
21-03-2013 16:04
Rain Rain
Rain Rain From: Jyothy Rose
21-03-2013 16:02
Blue day
Blue day From: Jyothy Rose
13-02-2013 16:28
Candy House
Candy House From: Jyothy Rose
15-12-2012 16:42

Jade Collins
Its not complete? is it.

Jade Collins
The sea is infinite.

Garland Of sky
Garland Of sky From: Jyothy Rose
21-10-2012 12:47
Weeping Flower
Weeping Flower From: Jyothy Rose
20-10-2012 05:59
Doll's House
Doll's House From: Jyothy Rose
08-10-2012 10:18
Angel Butterfly
Angel Butterfly From: Jyothy Rose
30-08-2012 18:56
Magical Water
Magical Water From: Jyothy Rose
20-08-2012 17:57

Jade Collins
Could be the Bermuda Triangle.

Jyothy Rose
no,it couln't be. its Digital

Playing Kids
Playing Kids From: Jyothy Rose
10-08-2012 09:52

Victor Ursabia
Cute! :-)

Jyothy Rose
Thank u

Little Angel
Little Angel From: Jyothy Rose
09-08-2012 16:58

Jyothy Rose
thank you

TRAVELING! From: Jyothy Rose via santhosh venkat
08-08-2012 17:39
Little Girl
Little Girl From: Jyothy Rose
05-08-2012 08:27

Misty Vincent
This makes me warm and fuzzy inside.... I love this... how precious!

Jyothy Rose
:) thank you

Diane Easley
Just wonderful to look at!! I love this!

Jyothy Rose
Thank you

Kids Playing Sat
Kids Playing Sat From: Jyothy Rose
04-08-2012 11:05

Victor Ursabia

Jyothy Rose
thank u

The Sun King
The Sun King From: Jyothy Rose via Mark DeVoe
04-08-2012 10:45