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Photography Is My Passion... By Profession I'm A Gemmologist c/m Jewellery Designer...
collage works
Fruit CarvingFrutit ARtFruit ArtFruit ArtDuckCute Mouse
PenguinOrange CatSnailPencil workToy HouseFlower Vase

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07-08-2012 06:30

Saifuddin Ismailji
very creative :) Great!

Jyothy Rose
Thank you

Nanses Nanai
You're really good!

Jyothy Rose
Thank u

Magical LightEnchanting NatureFlower FairyLovelyWorld of a little BubbleRays of sunshine
Sweet Baby AngelMiles To Go:)Waiting for my Lucky dayMushroom Huts For Rent :)Tearssssssssssssssssssss...

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06-08-2012 10:01

Nanses Nanai

Jyothy Rose
Thank u

Album: Paintings From: Jyothy Rose
Angels LakeDream WorldSunriseoh cutie!!!!StawberriesPrincess
Dreaming Of Prince..Winter is ComingAngelQueen Of SkyWay to Heaven.Garden Of Love

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06-08-2012 10:00

D'Lori Art Lori
All so Beautiful!

Jyothy Rose
Thank you so much

Romantic PictureMoonlightEmile Vernon - Best of friendsSpirit of the NightEmile Vernon -The Flower GardenLovely Girl
John William Godward, Yes or No? (ca. 1893)Sword Of GodLiquid goldApril Love - Arthur HughesMarcus Stone- OliviaFrank Dicksee 1853-1928

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06-08-2012 09:34
Nature's MorningAnd Miles To Go Before I Sleep:)MulberrySeeds of a TreeI'm wet with teardrops
4 BreakfastBathing timeits tear drops from skyPink WorldRed means Love...Beauty Queen

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26-07-2012 19:28

Sajjad Khan

Jyothy Rose
Thank u

Kris Kary
Very nice image collection...!

Jyothy Rose
Thank u

Nanses Nanai
Great visual love the album.

Mom & Me
Mom & Me From: Jyothy Rose
22-07-2013 11:31
Symbol Of Love
Symbol Of Love From: Jyothy Rose
22-07-2013 11:29
:) Star
:) Star From: Jyothy Rose
29-03-2013 15:13
<3 <3
<3 <3 From: Jyothy Rose
29-03-2013 15:12
<3 From: Jyothy Rose
29-03-2013 15:09
Lovely Nature
Lovely Nature From: Jyothy Rose
21-03-2013 16:04
Rain Rain
Rain Rain From: Jyothy Rose
21-03-2013 16:02
Blue day
Blue day From: Jyothy Rose
13-02-2013 16:28
Candy House
Candy House From: Jyothy Rose
15-12-2012 16:42

Jade Collins
Its not complete? is it.

Jade Collins
The sea is infinite.

Garland Of sky
Garland Of sky From: Jyothy Rose
21-10-2012 12:47
Weeping Flower
Weeping Flower From: Jyothy Rose
20-10-2012 05:59
Doll's House
Doll's House From: Jyothy Rose
08-10-2012 10:18
Angel Butterfly
Angel Butterfly From: Jyothy Rose
30-08-2012 18:56
Magical Water
Magical Water From: Jyothy Rose
20-08-2012 17:57

Jade Collins
Could be the Bermuda Triangle.

Jyothy Rose
no,it couln't be. its Digital

Playing Kids
Playing Kids From: Jyothy Rose
10-08-2012 09:52

Victor Ursabia
Cute! :-)

Jyothy Rose
Thank u

Little Angel
Little Angel From: Jyothy Rose
09-08-2012 16:58

Jyothy Rose
thank you

TRAVELING! From: Jyothy Rose via santhosh venkat
08-08-2012 17:39
Little Girl
Little Girl From: Jyothy Rose
05-08-2012 08:27

Misty Vincent
This makes me warm and fuzzy inside.... I love this... how precious!

Jyothy Rose
:) thank you

Diane Easley
Just wonderful to look at!! I love this!

Jyothy Rose
Thank you

Kids Playing Sat
Kids Playing Sat From: Jyothy Rose
04-08-2012 11:05

Victor Ursabia

Jyothy Rose
thank u

The Sun King
The Sun King From: Jyothy Rose via Mark DeVoe
04-08-2012 10:45