Album: Károly Lotz : 1833-1904 :German-Hungarian painter

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After a childhood spent abroad Marastoni James Painter's school and began her studies in 1848. He later trained himself next to Henrik Weber, and in 1852 enrolled in the school of Viennese painter Karl Rahl. In 1850 the Viennese master's in addition to a number of wall and ceiling construction picture in participating. He was a regular participant in exhibitions in Vienna and Budapest, which is especially romantic in tone on people's life with pictures included. His works have been successful, many of them reproduced it appeared. Meanwhile, also worked on the mural tasks, including the Vigadó, the National Museum, the Opera House and interior decoration of the Academy. The dualism was one of the most sought-after decorator. Style of the 1880s on wards changed the Renaissance same manner oldottabbá bills roots, become lighter. Late Baroque works marked effect, and even then was already in the works of modern art currents, plein air and Art Nouveau style signs can be detected.