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Artist: Larry Caveney
• Bio:
Larry Caverney works predominantly in the medium of performance
and performance for film. He is interested in ideas of social engagement;
in making art that is accessible beyond the art world; and in
the role of the artist within a given community. Caverney has a Masters
in Fine Art from Vermont College and has his work held in permanent
collections in the Asheville Museum of Art, Asheville, USA and in
the Castoria Contemporary Museum in Naples, Italy.

Larry Caveney’s Statement of Social Interventional Performances:
It’s important to me that my work communicate on different...

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02-09-2012 14:01

G. Lo.1976
Like a good book that you can't put down...some art is like does not want to turn away...what a brave new world we live in that has such objects in it...thank you...

Tally Men
Tally Men From: Larry Caveney via Andrew Litten
05-03-2013 20:58
Bueys Diddy
Bueys Diddy From: Larry Caveney
23-01-2013 03:20
jam master johnny
jam master johnny From: Larry Caveney
13-07-2012 09:37