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Patrick Yay
Lex Loeb, You claim your self--" I am the founder of modern art". What do you mean by that? Do you mean pioneer or the Founder like they said Cezanne was the founder of modern art..I am confused now. You are the founder of modern art but I have never heard of you even though I dod not accept that Cezanne was a founder of modern art just because he painted with flat strokes and he was rejected by Impressionists at that time. He went away painted himself down south of France until Pissaro asked him to come back and join him. Now he was regarded as the pioneer, founder of modern art. Now I am surprised you claim that your are founder of modern art. How old are you now?? It all depends on what do you call modern art???? Modern art has been since the turn of the last century ( c 1900) and why now in 21st century after 100 years you claim that you are The founder of Modern Art. Please enlighten me.

Lex Loeb
Of course I am the founder of modern art. Have'nt you read the future history book on the subject of contemporary art today? Yes there was modern art 100 years ago and 200 years before that. Now modern art is what i am the founder of. Do you feel enlightened now? Some people peg the present day arts as "post-modern" but modern is defined as NOW not past modern. As the founder of modern art I can tell you exactly what is modern and what is not modern. Post modern art might be post 20th centruy modern art? It might even seem modern to us except those artists who think of themselves as post modern really want to be living in the past and the past in the future is morbidity.

Lex Loeb
Besides being the founder of modern art I am the World's Art Emperor and the Emperor of Gravity too.

Lex Loeb
I found out by reading what it says about me on my facebook page.

Lex Loeb
Oh i was just searching on the internet and found out that i am not just the emperor of gravity but I also happen to own the entire universe:

opti lusion
opti lusion From: Lex Loeb
16-08-2016 08:17
Stream of Reflections
Stream of Reflections From: Lex Loeb
05-09-2014 21:12
This From: Lex Loeb
20-06-2014 12:01
Altreality From: Lex Loeb
11-04-2014 12:04
tower From: Lex Loeb
09-02-2014 11:08

Lex Loeb

What? From: Lex Loeb
15-01-2014 05:28
gheary linked
gheary linked From: Lex Loeb
02-01-2014 07:57
Female Cabbage
Female Cabbage From: Lex Loeb
26-11-2013 09:12
Rock Pile Face
Rock Pile Face From: Lex Loeb
30-10-2013 09:04
Concrete Robot Blocks
Concrete Robot Blocks From: Lex Loeb
30-10-2013 07:00
Wire Fence
Wire Fence From: Lex Loeb
22-09-2013 00:18

Lex Loeb
wrong photo loaded...

Lex Loeb
after I took the picture I noticed that people were flying above toward heaven on the ski lift at the... read more

Peter Kimble
Thats the good thing about just taking the shots. We can often see that which enhances and has came from... read more

Lex Loeb
You are correct. Animals get the free pass because they are too innocent to think it out. Humans... read more

Are You Going To Hell?
Are You Going To Hell? From: Lex Loeb
09-09-2013 08:48

Lex Loeb
Why I am not a portrait photographer....

Lens Flare
Lens Flare From: Lex Loeb
09-09-2013 08:20

Lex Loeb
Phrom Pixelland

accidental upload
accidental upload From: Lex Loeb
30-08-2013 21:51
Library of flowers
Library of flowers From: Lex Loeb
20-08-2013 08:17
Fishes From: Lex Loeb
31-07-2013 11:37
blue and moon
blue and moon From: Lex Loeb
23-07-2013 07:05
vas aqua
vas aqua From: Lex Loeb
28-06-2013 06:54
Roman Knocker
Roman Knocker From: Lex Loeb
12-06-2013 07:04
Helen of Troy?
Helen of Troy? From: Lex Loeb
05-06-2013 09:46
Photo From: Lex Loeb
05-06-2013 09:45
star bright
star bright From: Lex Loeb
05-06-2013 09:39
framed wall scupture
framed wall scupture From: Lex Loeb
05-06-2013 09:38
Sunset by Van Gogh
Sunset by Van Gogh From: Lex Loeb
03-06-2013 06:52