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I work across several areas.
Painting,Sculpture,Printing,Digital Photography.
Mixed Media and found objects are central to my practice and continue to provide insight and way's forward in my visual ars practice

The Uncertainty of Place in the Dissolving Present

The work is constructed in the form of a palimpsest of marks exploring the uncertainty of time, place and memory, it seeks to shape a space or landscape that is indefinite which has no concrete or specific location, offering the opportunity to associate other ideas and readings, leaving the work to be open to wider interpretations.
The notion of praxis is employed, direct experience and making, activated...
Album: trees From: charles gallagher
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19-02-2015 17:31

Consuelo Gomez
Regards charles gallagher

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Really Loved this album Charles! your abstract artworks.......magnifique!

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Real intersting your "doodles "Charles!Nice works....!!

nice work!

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24-01-2014 12:44

charles gallagher
Old metal shed apex cover, galvanized metal sheet that had rusted over the years into a beautiful patina. I simply took a grinder and drew directly through the rust , shaped curved beaten and drawn on in a morning creative moment.

charles gallagher
This album has strong links to my interest in working with spaces and places. The work employs the joining of images to best represent the process of memory. glimpses, fractures, random combinations and chance collisions come together in 'meetings' that re activate previous physical encounters, bringing memory back into play of experiences of visited places and spaces.

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29-04-2013 18:12

charles gallagher
Thank s for the 'like'

Joseph Griffo
Utterly inspiring.

Andrew Grice
Love this sketching work

Consuelo Gomez
Great !!

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Un album! Increible la imaginacion para realizarlo.

manuel granados

James Nucci