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A philosophizing aikidoist, seeking to make sense and to play freely, expressing humanist, justice-
loving values.

Fanta Fofana
Respect Ruhanny Alam, now I have an question, what is an aikidoist?

Fanta Fofana
Sorry, just saw that ya Name is Ruhannah!

Fanta Fofana
Do you make Akaido or Karate?

Ruhannah Alam
Aikido, The Art of Peace, founder was Japanese and he developed a martial art that has a profound moral philosophy as well as being an effective and beautifully elegant means of self defence. Trains mind body and spirit, and helps create friendship and sense of community.

Fanta Fofana
Ilike the way you express it, it sound very interesting, To learn to control or to understand the way of the togetherness between spirit and body seen to be very important. When all is working perfectly together like mind, spirit and body, then I think is the time when you are in peace with yourself and so with others. I will check the internet for some infos about it, thank you for your answer!

Dragon's Tongue!
Dragon's Tongue! From: Ruhannah Alam
09-12-2013 18:39

Ruhannah Alam
Thank you so much!

Peaceful Times
Peaceful Times From: Ruhannah Alam via Zal Saadi
08-12-2013 01:15
PS 27
PS 27 From: Ruhannah Alam via Barsetti Angelo
07-12-2013 10:01
Misunderstanding From: Ruhannah Alam
07-12-2013 01:44

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