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While still active in biomedicine, more hours are now spend into creation of art. Preferred: to compose assemblages from found / remnants of wood, metal, stone, glass and so on. Inspiration comes from Dieter Roth, Joseph Beuys, David Smith, Joan Miro and other great artists in earlier or present times.
Interacting with making assemblages / collages, I also make photographs of elements in/of the world.
Album: Meurtant visit to Dante's Inferno From: Drager Meurtant
Meurtant visit to Dante's Inferno
Drager Meurtant - The flight of the turtle-doves, 2017Drager Meurtant - The Abyss, 2017Drager Meurtant - Turmoil (revisited) 2017Drager Meurtant - Bewilderment, 2017Drager Meurtant - that wild, harsh wood..., 2017Drager Meurtant - Lucie, 2017
Drager Meurtant - Dark slope, 2017Drager Meurtant - Scratch, 2017

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04-08-2017 21:24

Jose Gabriel Peláez Ibañez
Thanks. Great work

Album: Drager Meurtant - Prints From: Drager Meurtant
Drager Meurtant - Prints
Drager Meurtant - Underground (sympathy), 2017Drager Meurtant - Actually (in the country), 2017Drager Meurtant - The track today, 2017Drager Meurtant - A certain aim, 2017Drager Meurtant - Steering of Motion, 2016Drager Meurtant - Escape, 2017
Drager Meurtant - Floating 2, 2017Drager Meurtant - The Hat, 2017Drager Meurtant - Passage, 2017Drager Meurtant - Censorship - I, 2017Drager Meurtant - No Symbol, 2017Drager Meurtant - Symbol, 2017

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25-01-2017 06:03

Jose Gabriel Peláez Ibañez
Beautiful!. Thank you very much

Album: Artistes de France From: Drager Meurtant
Artistes de France
Paul Paul Cezanne - Lac ponction de chemin de fer, 1870Armand Guillaumin - Soleil couchant a Ivry, 1873Narcisse Virgile Diaz de la Peña - La mare aux VipèresPaul Cezanne - Baigneurs au repos, c 1876Jules Dupré -  Paysage Marin, 1870Rosa Bonheur - Laborage nivernais, 1849
Maurice Utrillo - La Maison Bernot, 1924Maurice Utrillo - La Maison de Berlioz, 1914Henri Matisse - Corsican LandscapeHenri Matisse - Landscape of CorsicaHenri Matisse - La divideuse picarde, c 1903Jean Fautrier - Reclining woman IV, ca 1942

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09-08-2016 06:53

Jose Gabriel Peláez Ibañez
Wonderful álbum!. Thank you very much

Album: Independent Artists From: Drager Meurtant
Independent Artists
Bill Traylor - Red Man, ca 1939-1941Bill Traylor - Bull, ca 1940Bill Traylor Woman with Handbag and Umbrella, c. 1939-41Charles Dellschau - The Spark of Life, ca 1910Paul Klee - Drohendes Haupt, 1905Paul Klee - Drohendes Haupt, 1905
Paul Klee - The beginning of a smile, 1921Karl Genzer - Eselin-Pietà, 1922Rufino Tamayo - Venus Noire, 1969Alexandra Galinova - Der unterdrückte MenschHeinrich Anton Müller - untitled, ca 1920Adolf Wölfli - Campbell's Tomato Soup, 1929

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21-06-2016 17:09
Album: Museum of everything From: Drager Meurtant
Museum of everything
Henry Darger - Jenny and Her Sisters ..Henry Darger - Realms of the unreal (detail)Martin Ramirez - Stag on mound, c 1932Francis Marshall - La fille dan l'augeAnonymousShinichi Sawada - untitled, 2005
Henry Darger - Realms of the unrealAlikhan AbdollahiGeorge Thaxton Miller - Broke, 1965Saï Kijima - Eye of king, 2010Saï Kijima - Ten Takata, 2009Calvin & Ruby Black - Stage stop

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16-05-2016 20:33
Album: Installations From: Drager Meurtant
Drager Meurtant - When Miro met Beuys, 2014Drager Meurtant - On top, 2017Drager Meurtant - Numerical (value), 2014Drager Meurtant - Passage, 2016Drager Meurtant - Sound experience (silence)Drager Meurtant - Two, and four, 2016
Doris Salcedo - La Casa Viuda VI (1995)Drager Meurtant - Enough is enough (confrontation)Drager Meurtant - MindsetDrager Meurtant - Meine FrauDrager Meurtant - OverviewDrager Meurtant - Erroneous

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30-04-2016 19:07
Album: Brodwolf From: Drager Meurtant
Jürgen Brodwolf - Die Flut I, 2010Jürgen Brodwolf - Kauerende mit figur-II, 2004Jürgen Brodwolf - Vision, 2008Jürgen Brodwolf - Embryo Figur I, 2011Jürgen Brodwolf - Die Schüssel, 1970Jürgen Brodwolf - Untitled (Dreiergruppe)
Jürgen Brodwolf - SchüttelbildJürgen Brodwolf - Cato Bontjes van Beek II"Jürgen Brodwolf - die Flut, 2008Jürgen Brodwolf - "Paar", 1983

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06-04-2016 20:03
Album: People, photos by DM From: Drager Meurtant
People, photos by DM
Drager Meurtant - InternalDrager Meurtant - The red corridorDrager Meurtant - Two Illusions, 2016Drager Meurtant - FriendsDrager Meurtant - A conversationDrager Meurtant - Mixed feelings
Drager Meurtant - Todos los díasDrager Meurtant - Accidental happinessDrager Meurtant - RulingThe lady with the green parrot

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28-03-2016 20:16
Album: Art in America Now: From: Drager Meurtant
Art in America Now:
figure 86Robert Rauschenberg - Factum 1, 1957Robert Rauschenberg - Signs, 1970Robert Henri - Storm TideRuth Edward Anderson - "Agony"Jay DeFeo - The Rose, 1958–66
Conrad Marca Relli - Untitled,Philip Guston - Head and Bottle, 1975Philip Guston - Couple in Bed, 1977Philip Guston - Reverse, 1965Robert Motherwell - untitled, 1958Robert Motherwell - untitled

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10-02-2016 22:09

Jose Gabriel Peláez Ibañez
Excellent!. Thank you very much.

Album: Dutch art after 1900 From: Drager Meurtant
Dutch art after 1900
Constant - De hond, 1949Jan-Hendrik Weissenbruch - Bosgezicht nabij BarbizonKarel Appel - nude, 1989Piet Meiners - Ooievaar aan het water, ca 1895-1900Dirk Filarski - BerglandschapDirk Filarski - French
Dick Ket - De Eenzame, 1926Hendrik Chabot - De brand van RoterdamHendrik Chabot - Groot Zomerlandschap, 1939Lucebert - Spaans paar, 1952Bram van Velde - Melancholic, 1957Theo van Doesburg - Zelfportret, c1915

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31-01-2016 20:24

Jose Gabriel Peláez Ibañez
Thank you very much!

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Great colllection Drager!!!!!Lots of loves from Norway!

Francis Picabia - Corida Transparance ca 1927Jean Arp - Bois Déchiré, 1920-1954Francis Picabia - l'Oeil, 1919Hanna Höch - Bedrohung auf der grünen Wiese, 1920Francis Picabia - Fille  Née sans Mère 1916-18Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven
Drager Meurtant - Alto, 2016John Heartfield - Krisentag SPD, 1931Drager Meurtant - DiscordantHenri Laurens - Head of a Woman, 1916-1917. Painted wood and sheet metal.Drager Meurtant - CoincidentalGeorge Grosz and John Heartfield - Der wildgewordene

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11-12-2015 21:27

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
real exclusive collection

Album: My favorite sculptures-2 From: Drager Meurtant
My favorite sculptures-2
David Smith - Agricola IX, 1952Jean Arp - Evocation d'une forme humaine lunaire...Kenneth Armitage - People in the wind, 1950Reg Butler - the unknown political prisonerBaselitz . Yellow song  2013David Smith - Hudson River Landscape, 1951
David Smith - Hudson River Landscape, 1951'Maquette for ‘The Unknown Political Prisoner’', Dame Barbara Hepworth | Tate'Corinthos', Dame Barbara Hepworth | TateDavid Smith - Personage of May, 1957David Smith - Head with cogs for eyes, 1933David Smith - The Sitting Printer, 1954/1955

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27-07-2015 19:50

Sam Reinosa
Yes this stood out for me, really simple and calming.

Drager Meurtant
In the album "The world seen though a lens"I will post photos by different photographers, that touch on the position of human in society / the world

Album: Damage control From: Drager Meurtant
Damage control
Gordon Matta-Clark - Window blow-out 1976Mark Gertler - Merry-go-round, 1916Frediric Varley - Gass chamber at Seaford, 1918Leonard Rosoman - Bomb falling in water, 1942Jankel Adler - The mutilated, 1942-3Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson On the Road to Ypres 1916
Christopher Nevinson - La mitrailleuse, 1915Michael Brill & Safdar Abidi - Landscape of ThornsDoris Salcedo - Shibboteth, 2007Lovis Corinth - Kain, 1917Drager Meurtant - Anger 2The Ruins of the Old Kreuzkirche in Dresden, 1765

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29-04-2015 21:57

Jose Gabriel Peláez Ibañez
Excellent!. Thank you

Album: Miles away from nothingness From: Drager Meurtant
Miles away from nothingness
Drager Meurtant - shattered, 2015Drager Meurtant - Shedded from light, 2016Drager Meurtant - Pinned, 2016Drager Meurtant - The dirt roadDrager Meurtant - Direction, 2015Drager Meurtant - The voice (arising from the roots)
Drager Meurtant - Purpose, 2016Drager Meurtant - the cellDrager Meurtant - Not visibleThe Direction "What"Drager Meurtant - BlockadeDrager Meurtant - Outlook 3

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17-02-2015 13:30
Album: photos in abstraction From: Drager Meurtant
photos in abstraction
Drager Meurtant - In due time, 2016Drager Meurtant - The Division, 2016Drager Meurtant - Delicacy from demolition, 2016Drager Meurtant - we agree to disagree, 2014Drager Meurtant - Under water messageDrager Meurtant - How many (faces)
Drager Meurtant - Time passed - a poemDrager Meurtant - This will get us nowhereDrager Meurtant - StructuralDrager Meurtant - Cracks and legs, 2014Drager Meurtant - ConfrontingDrager Meurtant - Pallets, 2015

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22-01-2015 16:50
Album: Unusual finds in a museum From: Drager Meurtant
Unusual finds in a museum
Drager Meurtant - Please take a seatDrager Meurtant - Figure in the doorDrager Meurtant - FormattingDrager Meurtant - Eagle and earthAt different heightsMind-set
Shaded viewDrager Meurtant - 54Drager Meurtant - AheadA2 + b2 is not c2The Eye of Tanktotem-VIChallenge

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06-01-2015 20:11
The City
Drager Meurtant - The BluesDrager Meurtant - Definite (people at work)Drager Meurtant - Getting there, 2016Drager Meurtant - Outside the sun was blazingDrager Meurtant - Hopefull, 2016Drager Meurtant - Composition of elements
Drager Meurtant - The house and the mill, 2016Drager Meurtant - About Agression (Lorenz)Drager Meurtant - Before you, 2016The lake that ain'tDrager Meurtant - At Place, 2016Drager Meurtant - Wish you were here

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03-01-2015 12:22