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Though some of my work has a slight theatrical stylistic element, It has always been quite a self indulgent therapy project for me to paint, but on the flip side its become harder to accept how it takes me to difficult places in my head. But in the end somehow it’s always cathartic. We all just want life to be smooth and easy. What a fucking joke
In my paintings I guess I am searching for a deeper truth and if I’m honest I have to admit it’s very hard. Making a thoughtful piece of work is a chaotic...
New works 2017
'despair' Acrylic on board. Mike Gappy 2017'void' Acrylic and chalk on board. Mike Gappy 2017' the five temperaments ' Acrylic on board. Mike Gappy 2017' run until they dont know its you, Mike Gappy Landscape. Acrylic on board 2017' demons try to bring down angels like you, Acrylic on board. Mike Gappy 2017'proximal abondonment'  Landscape. Acrylic on board. Mike Gappy 2017
'corporate dog ' Acrylic on board. Mike Gappy 2107'decline and fall'  acrylic on board. Landscape. Mike Gappy 2014'sacrifice myself to myself' very quick painting. Acrylic on paper Mike Gappy 2017'help me' Photo Mike Gappy 2017'untitled' Mike Gappy Oil on canvas 2017' a massive truma ' Landscape. Oil on board. Mike Gappy 2017

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21-01-2017 17:28
" Episodes "
' final days of emmanuel " Landscape. Mike Gappy. Acrylic on board' the hills ' Landscape Mike Gappy 2014. Water colour' empty yourself of everything ' Portrait Mike Gappy' echoes ' Landscape. Acrylic on board. Mike Gappy,no maker made me, Landscape. Acrylic on canvas 2016' isolation ' Acrylic on canvas. Abstract landscape. Mike Gappy 2016
' purple vineyards and difficult dreams ' Oil on canvas Abstract landscape. Mike Gappy December 2016' separation anxiety ' Oil on canvas. Abstract landscape Mike Gappy 2016

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28-12-2016 14:35