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Studied Art in Cuba.
B.A. Psychology from Florida International University

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Modesto mulet

Modesto mulet added new work "The Hook"

Modesto mulet

Modesto mulet added new work "Surprise:

"Do You Like my Necklace?""The Hook""Black Pearl""Surprise:"Sunglasses""Nude"
"Face""Enigma""Raven""Cuban Coffee""My Mexican Friend""Thinking"

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31-03-2015 16:39

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Love the expressions in your works Modesto........every person you have painted got their eyes more or less closed..(not dead eyes that some here said/commented.).....Real nice works sir!I do love them all..Think I have fall in love with your works.............

"The Red  Necklace"Desnuda"Banana""Cuervo""Georgia  with  Bug"Nude
"De  Espaldas""Descansando""Homo Homini Lupus""Head""Georgia"Reclining Nude

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10-10-2013 16:14

Tamara Worren
Great works!)

Méli Mélo
I love your painting but I am very impressed by these insects ....

Modesto mulet
Thank you Nathie!...the insects have diffrent this case is long lasting almost eternal life and beauty.

Modesto mulet
Thank you Nathie!...the insects have diffrent this case is long lasting almost eternal life and beauty.

oceane-ingrid Gupper
Algunos insectos en especial varían sus interpretaciones. Si soñamos con abejas es señal de éxitos, distinciones y reconocimientos por nuestro trabajo. Las abejas simbolizan la laboriosidad y la consolidación de los proyectos en los que se esté trabajando. Las cucarachas, por otra parte, simbolizan lo desagradable, y en sueños es señal de momentos de preocupación y posible enfermedad. Soñar con escarabajos suele ser augurio de preocupaciones y pérdidas a nivel financiero. Los grillos pueden tener diversos significados, usualmente son presagio de cambios positivos en la vida del soñante. En otros casos estos animales pueden representar pérdidas, pero todo dependerá de las emociones que se generen en el sueño. Los sueños en donde nos vemos rodeados de gusanos o larvas insinúan problemas financieros y en las relaciones sociales, es posible que se presenten discusiones que pueden afectar nuestra estabilidad financiera y emocional.

Azhar Latif
Modesto Mulet ,Thanks a lot...impressed by your holistic mastery of Arts and Crafts that probes deeper issues of the humanity...excellent contributions...

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
real wonderful works....using bugs in your paints..very inventive mister!there is beauty in all your works..magnifique artworks!wow

"Anonimo""Scream""No Yet""Ovulating""Nude""...And Days Turn Into Night Even at the Beach"
"Blue Pearl"P-9P-7P-6P-5P-4

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26-12-2012 20:47

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
another great album mister Modesto! beautiful images!

Modesto mulet
I made these paintings without brushes just using the middle finger as a tool.

Colorida Art Gallery
Dear Modesto, Excellent works. Regards, Jose Roberto Moreira Colorida Art Gallery

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Have to agree with Colorida..excellente works!

"Sonja""La Mora""Ludmila""Chandni""Aria""Monica"

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21-09-2012 13:49

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
You make real nice portraits!......loved this album too!

Fanta Fofana of the Nations... a nice painting!

"N""Free Interpretation of Raphael's Head""Provocateur""Somehow She Looks Like you but is  not  You""Georgia and the Swan""it is Possible"
"The Hand that  Fed You""Cuban Coffee""Maya""Slavery""Lighter""El Ratoncito Perez"

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24-04-2012 15:46

vasko ivanov
vasko haresva tova izkustvo

Agnieszka Schoen
love the gargoyles! :)

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Your works dearest Modesto..are just awesome !!

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
this collection .many Magnifique artworks..!!Really enjoied myself this day!

"Marina" From: Modesto mulet
20-06-2014 15:57

Modesto mulet
methodically balanced.From pure white to darkest shadow....very confident Artist..:-)

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Magnifique.....great artwork!

" No  My  Picture"
" No My Picture" From: Modesto mulet
11-12-2013 19:25
art From: Modesto mulet via parizaad khan
29-09-2013 17:22

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
babies are truly innocent humans.......just loved that smile!awwwwwwwwwwwww

Peter Kimble
I need a sex friend. Please universe listen to me... Thank you.

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Loved that comment Peter Kimble...........maybe the Univers or someone there listen to never know.if you pray enough!

Gabri Berti
it seems very simple, but Licien had the idea!!!!! bravo!

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Little Music
Little Music From: Modesto mulet via BO Olsen
27-04-2013 21:10

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Wonderful image.......

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink

"Portrait" From: Modesto mulet
30-08-2012 16:09

Azhar Latif
It is unique skill to connect spirit of the picture to its outer shell !

Modesto mulet
Thank you!! Azhar...I always try to paint the way I feel...most of the time I just follow inner impulses... read more

Azhar Latif
Some are blessed through their Name "Modesto"...Best wishes.

Modesto mulet
Thank you!

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Beautiful...real nice artwork