Album: People & Places on Big Island Hawaii

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canon power shot SX 150 14.5 mega pixal camera w/12X lens is responsible for all the FUN.

Peter Kimble
The painting on the left I mistook for one of my own and then thought, its not be standing there. Interesting photo. Has sparked an interest in doing more works with people taken from behind. Like the shot of me here looking at the clock tower.

Peter Kimble
I should have wrote, `its not `ME` standing there!

Thomas John Taylor TAYLOR
Aloha From My Enlightened Studio, I Create Everyday. My Purpose is Steadfast & True. Work on My “Original” Imagery. In Hope of a More Favorable Relationship with The “God”, “Creator”, “Source Code”, I Try. I am a Lifelong Entertainer and Artist/Oil-Painter with Limited Abilities. My basic existence creates a small carbon footprint & I do recycle. I have worked in the Garden, and Share the Harvest with Less Fortunate neighbors and friends. I am a noted and praised “Chef” in My neighborhood that regularly take chicken soup to the Elderly & Shut-ins that I know. Gumbo that will make you sweat, and heal anything. I also Bake when I have an Oven. I want to Travel across America and have a Performance Show of around 60 Images that I Display flat on the ground. They are meant to be walked or danced upon. (Just like I have been) I made these Images thick and at their 1 and only exhibit, stood the test for repeated showing, but a recession got in the way. They are in storage in 3 duffel bags for easy transport. I lay them out to cover an area that would fit on any court or floor area in a gym or on a field. I am the 1st Artist/Oil-Painter to use this Venue in the History of Art. I want to Generate Desire in the General Population to Create Images of Their Own. Stimulate Creativity. Stop Unemployment Forever. Become The Dream. This is where an Enlightened Patron becomes a part of this Historical Journey that is Encapsulated In Time with a Video RSS Feed or eventual edit and DVD creation. Thomas John Taylor aka “SABO” aka TJ Taylor Lifetime Artist/Oil-Painter. Musician, Poet 175 Banyan Drive #311 Hilo, Hawaii 96720 1-808-200-6623

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27-01-2014 16:00

Thomas John Taylor TAYLOR
Cock a Doodle Do.......

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Thomas John Taylor TAYLOR
They Ran Away From the Islands in Search of Husbands....GOD Bless & Keep Them Safe.