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Tom Christopher is known for his expressionist paintings of New York. Most of the work is painted using small-batch, handmade acrylic paint. Pencil lines from the initial exploratory sketch stage often remain on the white canvass. His paintings have been exhibited internationally.
San Juan
Demonic elevator repair man, Candado Puerto RicoMural CompositeTom Christopher Puerto Rico Mural CompositTom Christopher in StudioStudio in Puerto RicoMaquette for upcoming mural (Acrylic on paper)
Sketch compositive for upcoming mural (Paseo Caribe, San Juan)Tom Christopher Mural SketchbookTom Christopher Mural SketchbookTom Christopher Mural SketchbookMaquette (color comprehensive sketch) for mural Paseo Caribe in San Juan

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25-03-2016 15:41
Album: Galerie Barbara von Stechow Oct 2015 From: Tom Christopher
Galerie Barbara von Stechow Oct 2015
Night whispers away, the city awakes.He Fit In Like a ShadowI didn't think anything. I had no thoughts whatsoever.The Ghostwriter’s Long Walk

09-10-2015 04:02
Album: Tom Christopher's Studio From: Tom Christopher
Tom Christopher's Studio
Studio shot Feb 2017Busy in the StudioStudio shot ofIn progressStudio 12/19/15Artist's studio
Artist's studio

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17-07-2015 21:01
Studio shot
Studio shot From: Tom Christopher
10-07-2015 20:26
Work in Progress
Work in Progress From: Tom Christopher
21-04-2015 22:02
Good Dog
Good Dog From: Tom Christopher
16-03-2015 20:40
My Idea of Fun
My Idea of Fun From: Tom Christopher
28-01-2015 19:09
Forest From: Tom Christopher
28-02-2014 21:56