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Painture and pictures
"Pueblo de Sanabria"East GalaxyLes Sports sur La Mer"Stryke of a warplane in Turkey Country land""Duel of Titans""In the Beginning"
Godesses know but men noMOM"A girl contemplating the big Ocean Atlantic wavesSURFER BOYTheach them the rocks* wayA fair s story

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02-01-2016 10:03

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Find these works très got talent .no doubt..Hopefully I will see some more of your creations/works in the future....Thanks for looking trough some of my albums!

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
You got "your own style!That`s great!!You are "no copycat" that!!

Album: abstraction From: Joao Banazol
"Follow the camels row"Violet Thames"My Mother s garden"Brigit Bardot in Romepeacock´s pangWhatching there own future

03-01-2013 11:36
San Julian beach and Falcon river,sweet stormSouth Coast"Alone"Waves.DKRYosemite-Valley-1918Behind the window ....
Generous curves....An old tree in PortugalPhising scarpsOrchidaceaeThe eagle and sonsThe royal-eagle,sons and a broken airplane on the same tree

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30-10-2012 11:41

Joao Banazol
thanks Dale

Joao Banazol
thanks Peter Kimble

Joao Banazol
Thank you Dale S. Thomas

"The Summer is gone and water is cold""Falling night -Basilique Sacré-Coeur -Montmartre Paris"3D GIRL""Asustó al miedo en MadridBrigitte Bardot and Roger Vadim in Saint Tropezlast train
meanwhileWhen comes the despair by Oleg AndreevSteve HANKSHOTEL DEMO' MILANOSlaves  gladiateursParis and the tiger

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04-10-2012 00:22
Album: Naivety From: Joao Banazol
"A dropped stone on water lake to see your face at mirroir"The little girl in the redwaiting the trainThe train to ParisThe knight retuns homeThe homeless in your Island
The rich woman,the homeless and the red waveThe small hand of GodCarnival circus and sadnessMatch lostShark - fight

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15-12-2012 11:23
"The Tower"The boat on the starry sky"baby"horse Cartago walking in the rising sunshark hunterShark charm near the coastarabic horse on the beach
alexandriaExploring the BrainExploring the BrainAccident in MeknésThe mine and the sharkarabic woman

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13-10-2012 23:59

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Took a look trough your works...find those NICE!!!Hugs from Norway...

"Royal Navy and me"selfiefog on Ericeira villageOne stone on the waterNew ZézéInforming by Emma Silk.
Hanging on for dear lifeLondon,me and my girlfriendBoxer HousHorsebackBoxing - nose bleedLes orientalistes

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07-11-2012 11:32

Peter Kimble
This is wonderful and inspirational. Thanks.