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Ana Mesquita __ 18.01.67 _ Mozambique _

I was born in Zambezia, north of Mozambique, within an artistic family and background related to art. Have a brother who is a painter and a sister who is an interior designer. My grandmother was a poet and a painter. She created dresses and organized exhibitions with the greats of her generation, as Julio Resende, Júlio Pomar and Camarinha, among many.
Grew up drawing a lot and surrounded by works of art and a vast library of poetry books that were my readings of adolescence.
Graduated in Design, in O Porto, and lived to...
My Draws
Flower _ By Ana MesquitaSad model _by Ana MesquitaGet Together _ by Ana MesquitaHow Many _ by Ana MesquitaLove is Love _by Ana MesquitaDraw in a big touch sreen table Edigma _ By Ana Mesquita
Not a boy - By Ana MesquitaFlamenco Balarina _ By Ana MesquitaRafael  _ by Ana MesquitaClarinha _ by Ana MesquitaFolklore Women - by Ana MesquitaGirl _ by Ana Mesquita

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27-05-2013 10:05

Mariana Grinblat
Ana, Very beautiful drawings

Ana Mesquita
Thank you Mariana ;-)

SHE _ by Ana MesquitaDina _ by Ana MesquitaWrapped Sun and Mother _ By Ana MesquitaSophia de Mello Breyner _ By Ana MesquitaHerman Senhor Feliz _ By Ana MesquitaRui Thinking _ Portait by Ana mesquita
Dina and Mário happy with they portraitMário Galiano Portrait _ By Ana MesquitaFátima Lopes By Ana MesquitaRafael _ by Ana MesquitaFrance _ by Ana MesquitaDina e Mário _ by Ana Mesquita

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25-05-2013 18:47
Album: Ana Mesquita From: Ana Mesquita
Ana Mesquita
Me in the eye of a Zebra - By MeSelf portrait _ by Ana MesquitaSelf portrait _ by Ana MesquitaSelf portraitTouch - by Ana MesquitaThe Xerox KISS _ by Ana Mesquita

24-05-2013 12:14

Mary Guimaraes
Parabéns garota !!! Que você continue brilhando com sua arte !!!

Ana Mesquita
;-) Obrigada Mary, sempre atenta.

Álvaro Malo
Adelante, Ana — con coraje.

Ana Mesquita
Bueno! Muchas Gracias Alvaro!