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Ampat Varghese is a professional journalist who is a News Editor with the Deccan Herald, Bangalore. He worked with leading Indian newspapers for 20 years (1979-1999) before teaching Art and Design at the prestigious Srishti School of Art Design and Technology for 12 years. He then joined Idiom Design & Consulting, India's largest design firm, as a Design Education Consultant (2011-2013) and was involved with blueprinting a Design College and projects like Dream:In. He returned to journalism in June 2013. He has been writing since five, grabbing a prize for his short story "The Toy Cat" in the Sankar's International...

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Kissing CoppersCrazy Horse Car DoorBandaged HeartHoward the DuckWall Call 6Wall Call 5
Wall Call 3Wall Call 2Street Art 3Street Art 2Street Art 1Café com Design: Jean Michel Basquiat e, sua arte neo-

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27-10-2013 13:11
Street Art
Synergura 2Synergura 1YamaWinston ChurchillMonkey Queen 2001Banksus Militus Vandalus
Syria mural 1Syria mural 1Syria mural 1LibertyWicked Gary’s Tag CollectionUntitled by Sharp

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16-10-2013 15:56
New Media
Van Gogh's EarDARE TO MARRY: Steve Kaufman: Fine ArtBugsVoltaTaketa Maluma with Google GlasIs My ID Me OR Is It My Dog? 1
Is My ID Me OR Is It My Dog?An Inexhaustible Energy Source Derived from the Ionic Gradient in the Pocosphere (after N-S polar reversal)For RosaSome Fables on the Unstable Oscillation of UniformityThe laws change after every seven feet thereby forcing you to pause and adapt yourself to the new lawsThe painter suffers a car-crash.

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16-10-2013 15:20
Tiananmen Square
Tiananmen Square From: Ampat Varghese
03-06-2014 14:11
Ron Mueck
Ron Mueck From: Ampat Varghese via Leen Tack
03-04-2014 09:10
16 jackies
16 jackies From: Ampat Varghese
24-11-2013 11:30

María Amelia Sanchez Pantusa
Realizo las figuras desde diversos puntos de vista.

The Lowlands
The Lowlands From: Ampat Varghese
20-10-2013 19:39