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"Blood Pressure" by Walter Robinson, 2016“Real Estate” by Roy Lichtenstein, 1969“Give Or Take (How do you feel this morning ?)” by Louise Bourgeois, 1990"Study of Hands" by Roy Lichtenstein, 1981"Lemons" by Andy Warhol, 1978"Pill Rosary" by Damien Hirst, 2014
"Ballerina" by Banksy, 2005"Your Space on Building" by Edward Ruscha, 2006"Flip Flop" coffee table by Jim Lambie, 2011"Meridian Codex One" by Keith Sonnier, 1992"McDonald Ltd. Plate" by Tom Sachs, 2014"Untitled (Paddle for Artist's Space)" by Mike Kelley, 1992

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26-11-2012 23:01

oceane-ingrid Gupper
Simply stunning and superb... thank you for sharing!

Nanses Nanai
Soooo fasinating!!!

"Stab 1" by Gerald Laing, 1965"Senza Titolo" by Alberto Savinio, 1929Caligula"Ringkämpfer (Wrestler)" by Gustave Courbet, 1853"Zebra" by George Stubbs, 1763"Alamo" by Bernard (Tony) Rosenthal, 1967
“Percolator” by Stuart Davis, 1927“Trickle” by George Herms, 1973“Un” by Auguste Herbin, 1952"Beverly Hills Housewife" by David Hockney, 1966“Le Coq” by Constantin Brâncuși, 1935“De bedreigde zwaan (The Threatened Swan)” by Jan Asselijn, circa 1650

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25-04-2012 15:20

Nanses Nanai
Thankyou for sharing.

"Apollon" by Alberto Savinio, 1932"Untitled" by Jiri Georg Dokoupil, 2014"The Pointer" by George Stubbs, 1766"Rhinoceros" by George Stubbs, 1790"Untitled" by Carl Ostendarp, 1992"Lot 112015 (spore fall, chartreuse)" by Donald Moffett, 2015
"Object P. 1" by Takesada Matsutani, 1975"Amos (the Last Inhabitant of the Lost Island of CHF Billingsgate)" by Matthew Benedict, 2013"Pink Ornamental Banana" by Georgia O’Keeffe, 1939"Untitled: Please Hold Me (ships)" by Rene Ricard, 2008"Reflected (purple, red, green and yellow on black)" by Andy Warhol, 1982"Moby Dick (Merrilees)" by Sean Landers, 2013

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25-04-2012 15:41
"Moon" by Not Vital, 2004"Maquette for Ground Fault" by Roxy Paine, 2016“Coda di Delfina (Tail of a Dolphin)” by Pino Pascali, 1966“Untitled (white bread)” by Tom Friedman, 2013“Untitled” by Mel Kendrick"Untitled" by Bruno Gironcoli, 1995
"Ein Körper, zwei Seelen (One body, two souls)" by Bruno Gironcoli, 2001"Bowl with Eggs (Pink)" by Jeff Koons, 1994-2009“Untitled” by Michelle Grabner, 2016“Succubus” by Frances Goodman, 2016“Exhaust pipe #1” by Cheikh Ndiaye, 2016“Tripod” by Paul McCarthy, 2007

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13-05-2012 12:45

Sue Lord
I love this album, it's really great.

Nanses Nanai
Fantastic and edgy album thankyou so much for sharing!

"Bowie Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles, USA, 1972" by Mick Rock“Hands and Eyes. Portrait no. 4” by Torbjørn Rødland, 2009“Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra” by Bert Stern, 1962"35 East Hastings Street" by Brian Howell, 2011“Jean-Baptiste Belley” by Omar Victor Diop, 2014“Weekends at the Okombone” by John Liebenberg, 1984
"Katherine Cebrian" by Robert Mapplethorpe, 1980"Eleanor, Chicago" by Harry Callahan, 1949“B.J. Robinson" by George Dureau, 1978"Ozzie Clark Plane Crash" by Jim Lee, 1969"Autoportrait" by Man Ray, circa 1953"Abgang/Exit" by Thomas Demand, 2000

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25-04-2012 15:20
new faves
"Sailor Jack and Bingo" by Sean Landers, 2016"Freud's Perverse Polymorph (Bulgarian Child Eating a Rat)" by Salvador Dalí, 1939"Untitled" by Bruno Gironcoli, 1998/99"Sans Titre (Le Chat Noir)", by Ulysse Comtois, 1966“Sailor” by Bill Thompson, 2016"Basedowstrasse, Hamburg, 6" by Kenichiro Taniguchi, 2016
"Like Most Follies, More Than A Joke And More Than A Whim" by Alex Morrison, 2015“Untitled” by Jonathan Owen, 2014"無. 生. 物" by Young-sung Kim, 2016"Fountain 2" by Scott Treleaven, 2014"Mound of Butter" by Antoine Vollon, 1875/85“Standby Arm (Pegleg Billy)” by Georgia Dickie, 2010

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25-04-2012 15:20

Nanses Nanai
So refreshing coming across you and your engrossed with it all!!

"Sunset House" by Not Vital, 2005"Standing Cowboy" by Cady Noland, 1991"Blue Martinis" by Frank Majore, 1983"The Pleasure Is Back", by Gretchen Bender, 1982"Split Girl/Man Sleeping (Trying to Keep Things Still)" by Joan Wallace, 1989“Man with Broken Bottle” by Walter Robinson, 1980
"Detached Detail JS #685" by Jessica Stockholder, 2016"White Wall of China" by Joel Otterson, 2014-16"Richard Milani at Margo Leavin" by Simon Linke, 1989“Big Daddy” by Steven Parrino, 2003“Blue Cowboy, Eating”, by Cady Noland, 1990"Banana Pudding" by Nicholas Moufarrege, 1982

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25-04-2012 15:55
Neo Rauch
“Reaktionäre Situation (Reactionary Situation)” by Neo Rauch, 2002"Der Blaue Fisch" by Neo Rauch, 2014"Sommer (Summer)" by Neo Rauch, 2001"Nest" by Neo Rauch, 2012"Zähmung" by Neo Rauch, 2011"Fluchtversuch" by Neo Rauch, 2008
"Seewind" by Neo Rauch, 2009"Parabel" by Neo Rauch, 2008"Die Fuge" by Neo Rauch, 2007"Alte Verbindungen" by Neo Rauch, 2008"Wahl" by Neo Rauch, 1998"Schicht" by Neo Rauch, 1999

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04-01-2014 12:37
on auction
“Ebdomero” by Lucio del Pezzo, 1963"Painting From The Stand, Bianconero" by Michelangelo Pistoletto, 1962-1975“Homage To Mondrian” by Imi Knoebel, 1995“6 Piccadillies” by Dieter Roth, 1969/70“Untitled” by Tom Friedman, 2000"Joe Dallesandro" by Andy Warhol, 1978
“Le Sergent” by Jean Dubuffet, 1971“Poetische Reihe (Sylt)” by Günther Uecker, 1976“Manzoni 14” by George Sowden, 1971“Tertiary” by Jacques Mizrahi, circa 1970“Danger” by Erró, 1975“Ladies And Gentlemen (Wilhelmina Ross)” by Andy Warhol, 1975

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25-04-2012 15:20

Nanses Nanai
Brilliant thankyou for sharing wonderful album!!