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de lecture
Girl reading. The Storyteller by William Strang on artnetThomerama - classic-art: In the Garden at Villers-le-Bel ...Thomerama - pintoras: Maria Philips-Weber (German, 1845 -...The Athenaeum - Female Saint Holding a Book (Amico Aspertini - )Still life with young girl reading by Carl Vilhelm Holsoe on artnetFile:Sebastiano del Piombo - Vittoria Colonna (?) - Google Art Project.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
The Athenaeum - A Slovak Woman at Prayer, Vazcecz, Hungary (Marianne Stokes - )Irene SheriReading and Art: Alabaster_VeraWoman in Chair Reading by William Castle Keith on artnetPortrait of a young woman reading by Dean Cornwell on artnetGianni Strino artwork presented by Lotton Gallery

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29-11-2015 02:51

Lothar Seifert
Dear Bo. Great, many pictures from you I like very much.

BO Olsen
Thanks Lothar, your comments are much appreciated.

Jane du Brin
very nice Bo

James Nucci
Exquisite ...

mary veale
truly amazing works !

Dmitry Savchenko

Margery Kelz
This album makes quite an impression.

Consuelo Gomez
Hi Bob, wonderful selection .

Margery Kelz
Just taking another look at paintings both of us appreciate and like what I see!

Jane du Brin

Mrs Neeraj Parswal
nice creations and perfect color schemes

Lia De Paoli
striking collection. I wish I could create something like this

Margery Kelz
The contributions of these two never cease to amaze me.

BO Olsen
Yes, both so different, yet so alike


James Nucci
Of great beauty...

Bleu Klein
no words

David LaMarche
wonderful perception of the simplicity of nature - common theme of Life explored here - just wonderful

Consuelo Gomez
Bravo Bo !!

Mary Guimaraes
It makes me wonderful !!!! Congrat´s

Svetlana Mironenko

Jane du Brin
Lovely indeed Bo!

Stephen Simpkins
Great you have a good eye

Nature and colour, important work.

Ur Mum
Hey Bo! :3

carlo grassini
A Great Album!

James Tunney
Great collection.

Dmitry Savchenko
Wonderful !

Margery Kelz
I hope other ....... enjoy these portraits as much as you and I do. It is obvious that our taste in art is more than similar. It is a lovely collection.

BO Olsen
Thank you Margery, I think it is obvious to all our compatriots, you have lovely taste!!!!

Claude Monet
Books and Art: Dans la prairie (1876). Claude Monet (French,...In the Woods at Giverny: Blanche Hoschedé at her Easel with Suzanne Hoschedé Reading by Claude Monet | Painting | C Monet GalleryArt — Monet, Camille Monet at her Tapestry Loom, 1875,...The Athenaeum - Under the Pine Trees at the End of the Day (Claude Oscar Monet - )The Athenaeum - Sandviken Village in the Snow (Claude Oscar Monet - )The Athenaeum - On the Coast at Trouville (Claude Oscar Monet - )
Claude Monet | Regatta at Sainte-Adresse | The MetClaude Monet | Houses on the Achterzaan | The MetThe Athenaeum - The Bridge over the Water-Lily Pond (Claude Oscar Monet - )The Athenaeum - Boats on the Beach at Etretat (Claude Oscar Monet - )The Athenaeum - The Beach and the Falaise d'Amont (Claude Oscar Monet - )urgetocreate

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25-08-2013 23:36
Catrin Welz-SteinCatrin Welz-SteinAbbott Handerson Thayer, A Winged Figure | Dark ClassicsThe Athenaeum - The Ghosts of Paolo and Francesca Appear to Dante and Virgil (Louvre) (Ary Scheffer - )The Athenaeum - The fairies have their tiffs with the birds (Arthur Rackham - )The Athenaeum - Chimera (Gustave Moreau - )
The Athenaeum - Fairy and Griffon (Gustave Moreau - )The Athenaeum - Evening Star (Sir Edward Burne-Jones - )'The Lament for Icarus', Herbert Draper | TateThe magical illustrations by Christian Schloe - Cultura InquietaThe magical illustrations by Christian Schloe - Cultura InquietaKay Sage, I Saw Three Cities, 1944, Princeton University Art Museum,

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21-08-2013 02:08
Homer & Tissot
Inside the Bar | Winslow Homer | 54.183 | Work of Art | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of ArtA "Norther", Key West - Winslow Homer | FAMSF Explore the ArtWinslow Homer - WikiwandThe Athenaeum - The Annunciation (James Tissot - )The Athenaeum - Behold, He Standeth behind Our Wall (James Tissot - )The Athenaeum - Bear and Canoe (Winslow Homer - )
Summertime by Winslow Homer / American ArtFRENCH PAINTERS: James TISSOT Jeune Femme à l'EventailThe Athenaeum - The Artist's Ladies (James Tissot - )The Athenaeum - The Fan (James Tissot - )The Athenaeum - Girls with Lobster (Winslow Homer - )The Athenaeum - The Ball on Shipboard (James Tissot - )

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26-07-2013 02:49

Nilgun Akyol

Margery Kelz
If I really possessed all the outfits that I like, I would never have to shop for clothes again.

BO Olsen
I'll bet it would just be lovely flaunting a new outfit each and every day, such as these.

Snow ImpressionDürerstrasse by Wolfgang Tillmans on artnetArt CentricPetra_Senn "Brooklyn"yoiness: Yekaterina Borchenko and Petr Borchenko... - Ballet-holicMPD • Teresa Freitas
Helena Almeida | ANDRÉ VIANANow Love is No Longer Just a Series of... by Wingate Paine on artnet AuctionsGertrude Käsebier - Pastoral, 1905Butterfly, SchmetterlingePeter Holme III | Photo Manipulation Artist | Tutt'Art@ | Pittura * Scultura * Poesia * Musica |Petra_Senn "an other fence"

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22-04-2013 18:43

Betty Jo Toye
Wonderfully spiritual! x

Marc Chagall
Marc Chagall - "Portrait of Vava", 1953Marc Chagall - "Heaven ablaze" 1952Marc Chagall - "Night", 1953Marc Chagall - "Dance", 1920Marc Chagall - "Bella with White Collar", 1917Marc Chagall - "Woman with a Bouquet", 1910
Marc Chagall - "The Model", 1910Philadelphia Museum of Art - Collections Object : The CrucifixionPhiladelphia Museum of Art - Collections Object : Half-Past Three (The Poet)The Praying Jew | The Art Institute of ChicagoArt worksArt works

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04-04-2013 00:51

aima reen

Alan Judge
A great Collection Bo..I will look again later as there is so much well collected work..All the best..A

Consuelo Gomez
Hi Bo !!

Stefan Brazzo
What a photographer you are young particular I love the big cat drinking from the tap....I actually took a picture of my own cat (domestic) in an almost exact pose!

maria mascarenhas
Bo voce é um veterano da arte trabalhos incriveis vou demorar muito para ver tudo.É bom ver que gosta dos trabalhos que partilho Estou tentando arrumar a minha casa vamos ver se eu consigo heheheee

Nad H.
All my congratulations for the choice of the photographs of this album, imposing.!

Vincent van Gogh
Vincent van Gogh | La Berceuse (Woman Rocking a Cradle; Augustine-Alix Pellicot Roulin, 1851–1930) | The MetThe Athenaeum - Field of Blue Flowers (Vincent van Gogh - )The Athenaeum - Landscape with Carriage and Train (Vincent van Gogh - )Marguerite Gachet in the Garden by Vincent Van Gogh - 315The Athenaeum - Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase (Vincent van Gogh - )La Mousmé
Vincent van Gogh | Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase | The MetThe Athenaeum - The Mulberry Tree (Vincent van Gogh - )Art CentricGalleryVincent Willem van Gogh: BANK OF THE OISE AT AUVERS (70.159) — The Detroit Institute of ArtsStill Life with Mussels and Shrimps by Vincent Van Gogh - 549

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30-03-2013 02:28

Mary Guimaraes
It is an amusing album! Congrat´s

Bilha Fuchs
Love your work.Bilha

Dijana Iva Sesartić
woooo...really good. ;-)))

On the Water
Maurice de Vlaminck, Le Havre: Le Grand Quai, 1906 | French ArtMarine by Marcel Mouly on artnetJust Wondering.....ALONGTIMEALONE: shear-in-spuh-rey-shuhn: EDGAR PAYNE Brittany...Art — Volodymyr Orlovsky Storm CloudsA Summer Afternoon ~ Sir John Lavery
The Athenaeum - Steamer at Anchor, Twilight, Venice (Frank Duveneck - )Venice - Twachtman John Henry - WikiArt.orgThe Athenaeum - Blessing of the Tuna Boats, Groix (Paul Signac - )a man with a pastArtwork by Paul Signac - 1920 Port of la Rochelle, | Artstack - art onlineSailing in the Mist - John Henry Twachtman -

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16-03-2013 20:32

Erminio Di Camillo

Nad H.
Very successful album, congratulations Bo !

maria mascarenhas
Tenho que sair Bo é dificil resistir

Heather Proud
Beautiful selection.I would have picked them too!

Ur Mum
Dayum Dat

Swallows with cherry blossom - Ohara Koson - WikiArt.orgMoon and Blue Flowers - Ohara Koson - WikiArt.orgTwo Barn Swallows in Flight, Willow Branch and Flowering Cherry above - Ohara Koson - WikiPaintings.orgThe Athenaeum - Landscape (J. Francis Murphy - )Walter Launt Palmer | Ackerman's Fine ArtThe Athenaeum - Sun Setting over a Lake (Joseph Mallord William Turner - )
The Athenaeum - Sunset (Joseph Mallord William Turner - )Ytene Gallery | Contemporary British ArtThe Athenaeum - Summit of the Sierras (Thomas Moran - )Jean-Michel CELS (The Hague 1819 - Brussels 1894) - A Clearing at the Edge of a Wood - ...William James BLACKLOCK (London 1816 - Dumfries 1858) - A Figure Resting in a Woodland ...Art Centric

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05-03-2013 15:17

Nad H.
Very beautiful album, i adore !

Pedro Abreu pabreuart
Bo, this is just beautiful! one of One of the best Landscapes I have seen. thanks for shearing it.

Frida & Diego
Self-Portrait with the Portrait of Doctor Farill by Frida KahloBeauty of old things and mystery of life. — goodreadss: Frida KahloThe Café Terrace | Diego Rivera | 49.70.51 | Work of Art | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of ArtFrida with Globe, Coyoacan, Mexico - Manuel Alvarez Bravo - - encyclopedia of visual artsFrida Kahlo: Dos Mujeres | Museum of Fine Arts, BostonArt Centric — amospoe: “Only one mountain can know the core of...
The Embrace - Diego Rivera - - encyclopedia of visual artsThomerama - adhemarpo: Diego Rivera, Portrait de deux...Self-Portrait with the Portrait of Doctor Farill - Frida Kahlo - - encyclopedia of visual artsPortrait of Doña Rosita Morillo - Frida Kahlo - - encyclopedia of visual artsRoots - Frida Kahlo - - encyclopedia of visual artsThe Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth (Mexico), Myself, Diego and Señor Xólotl - Frida Kahlo - - encyclopedia of visual arts

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05-03-2013 15:16
Henri Matisse
ALONGTIMEALONE: expressionism-art: Ivy in Flower by Henri...The woman at the window, Henri Matisse (1921-1922). - EnglishWoman in wheelchair by Henri Matisse on artnetGirl with Moorish, green dress by Henri Matisse on artnetThe Boudoir | Musée de l'OrangerieReclining Nude with a Drape | Musée de l'Orangerie
Odalisque in Blue or White Slave | Musée de l'OrangerieYoung Girl with the Vase of Flowers or Pink Nude | Musée de l'OrangerieWoman with a Violin | Musée de l'OrangerieThe Athenaeum - Olive Tree (Henri Matisse - )The Athenaeum - Nude in the Studio (Henri Matisse - )The Athenaeum - Male Model (Henri Matisse - )

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05-03-2013 00:11
The Athenaeum - The White Rose (William Strang - )The Athenaeum - The Red Cap (William Strang - )Mary Watts by George Frederic Watts RA (1817-1904)"Isabella" -- A Portrait of Miss Arabella Prescott by George Frederic Watts RA (1817-1904)Mrs. Daniel Embury (Emma Catherine Manley) | The Art Institute of ChicagoThomerama - loumargi: Louis Ammy Blanc Portrait of a Girl by...
Picasso by Burliuk by David Davidovich Burliuk on artnetArt Renewal Center :: George Elgar Hicks :: A Gypsy GirlGeorge Elgar Hicks - A Summer Rose, oil on canvas on MutualArt.comSelf portrait, National Portrait GalleryThe Athenaeum - A Baccante (William Etty - )Portrait of Baroness Gourgaud in Black Mantilla - Marie Laurencin -

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10-02-2013 03:37