Album: My ARTworks - Exhibition Photographs

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TV MaMa From: carlo grassini
12-04-2016 20:24

carlo grassini
Hi Petra, thanks for the like. Hope all is well.

TV MaMa From: carlo grassini
12-04-2016 20:18
CASBAH From: carlo grassini
10-04-2016 21:17
The Big Deal
The Big Deal From: carlo grassini
12-03-2015 00:38
DIO ps
DIO ps From: carlo grassini
12-03-2015 00:27
Celestial - LOTUS
Celestial - LOTUS From: carlo grassini
11-03-2015 18:59

carlo grassini
Hello Bo, thanks you for stopping by to look at the work and leaving a "like".

carlo grassini
Thank you Alexandre.

carlo grassini
hello Bo, thank you again for stopping by to have a look & leaving a "like". Much appreciated. carlo

Petra Senn
Thank you so very much, Carlo !!! Your ARTwork honors and enrichens me enormous !!!

Celestial Series
Celestial Series From: carlo grassini
11-03-2015 18:27
Woman with Mask
Woman with Mask From: carlo grassini
10-02-2015 02:33

Prabhinder LALL
Very Interesting

Eurydice Laments
Eurydice Laments From: carlo grassini
10-02-2015 02:21

Nanses Nanai
Fantastic painting love it!!

Nanses Nanai
Love the vibrancy and attitude in this painting...brilliant!!

carlo grassini
Thank you Nanses for enjoying my painting, very much appreciated.

Tooling From: carlo grassini
10-02-2015 02:15
Restaurant From: carlo grassini
10-02-2015 02:10
Belmar Court 1
Belmar Court 1 From: carlo grassini
06-12-2014 16:51
Belmar Court 2
Belmar Court 2 From: carlo grassini
06-12-2014 16:42
Kingsboro I
Kingsboro I From: carlo grassini
16-03-2014 13:13

carlo grassini
Good Morning Dora & thank you.

carlo grassini
Thank you for sharing Trouble in Suburbia

carlo grassini
Thank you for stopping by to view my ART works.

Teodora Stoica
subconstientul provoaca la duel, constiinta. Teodora Stoica-Ti: o situatie alarmanta pentru constient, cand vede tragedia vietii sale. Aproape inecat in mocirla de... read more

carlo grassini
Thank you Stoica-Ti for your insight & carefully crafted critique.

carlo grassini
Hi Petra, Thanks for stopping by with the "like", at times the tubes of paint have to be torn apart.

carlo grassini
Thank you for the like Manuel

carlo grassini
Thank you for the Like comments ewge, Berta, Tatiana & Peter

carlo grassini
Thank you Dora for stopping by to have a look at this posting & for leaving a "like" comment.

carlo grassini
Hello Evangelos and FAR I hope you followed the link to "tomato sauce" for the full deal.

carlo grassini
Hello Dora, Thank you for stopping by to view jonsey, I hope you clicked onto the link to see jonsey... read more