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Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Christopher O'Hoski studied art history, painting, drawing, design and arts education at Sheridan College, the Dundas Valley School of Art and the Royal Conservatory.

O'Hoski primary creates his work using Acrylic and Oil, but still finds favour in using Watercolour.

To date, Christopher has exhibited in New York, Montréal, London, Los Angeles, Washington and Toronto - while recently being published in International Contemporary Artists Volumes I, II, III & IV (textbooks) out of New York and Greece.

Chris was also featured in Living Artists of Today Vol. I., published in March of 2012 and...

Vk Fernandez
super like!

Umer Ali
superb!keep it up

FORMACOLOR artistic creator
great. formacolor

Jos Hall
Your work leaves me full of emotion yet speechless. Your talent is awesome, more more more!

Chris O'Hoski
Thank you all so so much!! I am at a loss for words! Jos, that is a compliment and a half!!! Thank you!!!!! :)

Pruthvi Bharadwaj
wow!! your works are so have given life to the portraits :)

Oliver Curran
Class stuff Chris,dont know where you get the skill from,well done,some amazing work here. :)

Costin Paul
Thanks for the connection !

Ian Fitchett
I really feel pulled into the atmosphere your work creates Chris...there's something I haven't quite worked out yet that's tugging away....absolutely loving it

shant beudjekian Shant
interesting light intensity in your series of works good body of work

Naïma Abbes
happy world art day :)

Donna Martin
Thanks for the your creative soul in these...

Chris O'Hoski
The honour is mine! Thank you so much Donna!!! :)

Michael William Benton
your work is stellar, man! keep it up & and happy summer!

Sheetal Gulhati
I wish I was as talented as you.

I like your work about immortality.