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Academic Painter - Graphic Artist, Conservator and Restorer of easel painting.

Since 2010 member of the Croatian Association of Artists (HDLU) Zagreb and Osijek

From April 2014, a member of the Croatian Conservation-Restoration Association is professional association which gathers Conservators-restorers in the Republic of Croatia.

Croatian Conservation-Restoration Association is member of ECCO (European Confederation of Conservator-Restorers' Organisations).

Sajjad Khan

Edit Petronella KED
Wonderful art works.

John Janzen
Line, gesture, shapes and gradation, with assorted other conflict . Bella!

Consuelo Gomez
Great Dora !! so beautiful your Art work ..

Sajjad Khan
awesome collection.

Patricko Donlon
Great images ! , you have great technical skill .

Jane du Brin
This is a lovely album Dora!

Vera Deans Vucicevic
I love your photos Dora,the variety and compositions are very pleasing to the eye and thought provoking at times.

Tony Nudo
It's a pleasure visiting your page!

Marc Morrel
Beautiful photos Dora!

jie yu
So Beautiful

Jose Gabriel Peláez Ibañez
Excellent!!.Thank you. Greetings from Barcelona

Nad H.
C'est tout simplement magnifique !

Assd Sidique

Mix 'Zigel' T.
five sonns for you - really l☮☮☮☮☮ve your awesome creativity

jery haworth Gerald L.
Thank you Dora, I am enjoying your new prints...glh

Assd Sidique
Fabulous :)

Album: study of the human body, drawings were made by live models, Dora Bratelj From: Dora Bratelj
study of the human body, drawings were made  by live models, Dora Bratelj
bare life,by Dora Brateljhungry....drawing, charcoal natron paper,by Dora Brateljathlete... drawing, charcoal natron paper, by Dora Bratelj"Asleep" ... study for a female figure  drawing, charcoal, by Dora Bratelj...chubby woman, nude, drawing, charcoal, by Dora Bratelj... act of ...beautiful young woman, drawing, charcoal, by Dora Bratelj
...lying act of man ... drawing, charcoal,by Dora Brateljstudy of the human body by live models ... XY.., by Dora Brateljstudy of the human body by live models ... XX, by Dora Brateljstudy of the human body by live models ... lying XX , by Dora Brateljstudy of the human body by live models... sitting XX Dora Brateljnude - permeation 13, mixed media,  Dora Bratelj

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20-04-2013 10:09

Eila Karvinen
absolutely amazing work ... love it !

Massimiliano Ligabue
Impressive and genial work

carlo grassini
Hi Dora, This looks like a very complicated work. To adjust all the values & hues to create this image... read more

chris Morgan
intriguing image..


Nicolae Fieraru
Very nice image. Haven't seen those butterflies in ages!

Princess Osorio

Greg towning
Wow............................................................ !!!

christian ruckerbauer
How did you do that? Great works!

really asian zen work..i like it very much...

Massimiliano Ligabue
The essence of absence

Edit Petronella KED
Dear Dora, You draw wonderful sketches and all of them are so fresh and perfect!

wonderful... japanese reduction :)

Michael William Benton
strong, beautiful work, Dora

it looks human