Album: Drawings, graphics by Dora Bratelj

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Sajjad Khan

Edit Petronella KED
Wonderful art works.

John Janzen
Line, gesture, shapes and gradation, with assorted other conflict . Bella!

Consuelo Gomez
Great Dora !! so beautiful your Art work ..

Mrs Neeraj Parswal
beautiiiiful , make me crazy

Petra Senn
Great work, Dora !

Dora Bratelj
Thanks Petra, I appreciate it !

clarence eduarte
I LOVE this WORK!!!!

Jesse Glass
Very nice!

Joe Okwesa
Nice Work

Stefan Brazzo
Beautiful solid real sensitive

Jaime Herrera
Hands are extremely hard to paint. That's what I've heard.

Stefan Brazzo
Just try to do it Jaime

Petra Senn

Dora Bratelj
Thanks Petra !

Stefan Brazzo
This one I absolutely love, it really reminds me of the illustrator Roger Dean's work - check it out. Search... read more

George 'Kip' Sudduth
Personal and mystery, inspiring as well.....I see you and pollocks master Thomas Hart Benton

Tó Cintra
very good!

Stefan Brazzo
this is a wonderful drawing!

Stefan Brazzo
Everything is nothing and nothing can be everything!

Jaime Herrera
We feed them but not willingly.