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"Works of art are always the product of a dangerous situation, an experience taken to the limits,
to the point where one can no longer go any further."
Rainer Maria Rilke

"Nature is not on the surface; it is in the depths. Colors are the expression of the depth.
They grow up from the roots of the world. They are its life, the life of ideas."
Paul Cezanne explaining his artistic response to nature. (1839-1906)

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Album: Polaroid Manually-Manipulated Photos From: Edgard F. Abadia
Polaroid Manually-Manipulated Photos
Yellow ForestYellow Forest 3WomanRockMariaLandscape
ForestFacesDark ForestCali 1980

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22-04-2015 05:20
Album: Paintings - Graphics From: Edgard F. Abadia
Paintings - Graphics
El BosqueSilence"El Tirano Suelto" ("A Tyrant On The Loose")I See a River of Violence in front of MeWaiting for a ChangeLandscape for the Homeless Woman
Landscape for the Homeless ChildBetty in the Sky...BosqueBruxellesImagined LandscapeOn My Way Home

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06-07-2014 04:13

Edgard F. Abadia
Thank you.

Tatiana Domazetovich
beautiful work !!

Jane du Brin
yes! I agree with Tatiana

Nanses Nanai
All interesting pieces Edgard. Particularly 'WTC 10' for me personally... invoking the senses. Brilliant!!

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Brilliante.!!Nice work sir!

Edgard F. Abadia
Thank you.

Album: Sculptures and other Art Works From: Edgard F. Abadia
Sculptures and other Art Works
Ritteb The Goddess of ArkenstoneBirdBath SculptureVolador - Coffee Table 11-12Occupy -10-12Occupy (wood sculpture)Torii Gate
KOKORO (The Heart of Things)CECILIATRANSITIONMail BoxPath SculptureThe Goddess of the Marshes (NC)

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20-09-2012 05:00
Violencia From: Edgard F. Abadia
21-09-2012 07:02

Dijana Iva Sesartić
beautiful....I like it so much...<3

Dijana Iva Sesartić
I did a similar one in sculpture and I called the Earth-Fertility

Edgard F. Abadia
Thanks. Alejandro Oregon was a very talented and recognized Painter in Colombia. I had the pleasure of meeting him. His... read more