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Artist, holistic healer, teacher, lover of life, mystique, daily adventurer, and more more more...
fataportalIsisSea and sky...same colors (sunset)Andrey BelleHyper realistic painting 1 by Eric Zener
red parasol with little girlVagabondage - Women in MusicFRANCE

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11-04-2013 10:21
UntitledTissue ... from abstraction to figuration Dora Bratelj ... intaglio print,   vernis mou, drypoint, reservoage, aquatintDesire ..multicolor graphic, intaglio prints, by Dora Bratelj , paper Fabriano  285 gr Dimensions 500 x 500 mm printed in edition of 5 prints on a hand pressLa grenouillePretty in PinkA morning call - English School -, the largest gallery in the world
artnet Galleries: Black Tulips by David Hockney from Leslie Sacks Fine ArtHieronymus Bosch, Tree-Man, -, Pen and bistre, 277x211mm, Graphische Sammlung Albertina, ViennaHieronymus Bosch, Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat (obverse), 1500-04, Oil on panelGao Qipei: Two Magpies Playing in a Willow Tree, Qing DynastyEarth shape-shadesVelvet Rose

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13-07-2012 02:16
Album: Inner Landscapes From: Elia Stergiopoulou
Inner Landscapes
"Fruit tree after the rain" - tree through a drop of water -illustration for the poem- Dora Bratelj - graphics intaglio, aquatint, drypointTissue from abstraction to figuration  by Dora Bratelj,  intaglio print ,  vernis mou, drypoint, reservoageLife...desire,  intaglio  print,  matrix is  composed of 12 parts of zinc plates  printed simultaneously , by Dora Bratelj"... journey into the unknown ..." graphic detail ... deep print, drypoint, aquatint, rewservage,by Dora BrateljGardieni de Galaxiecasa
Surreal CollagesArunas RutkusReeds in the Snow with a Wild Duck by Ando HiroshigeKadar, Bela (1877-1956) -  ...Pastel SecCrazy dog

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12-07-2012 13:33
Yau Hoong Tang, In Nostalgic Mood (2010)Robert and Shana ParkeHarrisonRobert and Shana ParkeHarrison"Genesis"The Star Picture - Kurt Schwitters - 1920Charles Darwin
Huichol Sun and MoonbanksyFra Angelico, Last Judgement, 1431, Tempera on panel 105x210 cmHieronymus Bosch, Paradise and Hell, 1510, Oil on woodHieronymus Bosch, The Hearing Forest and Seeing Field, Date unknown, Pen and bistreCy Twombly - Red Painting

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11-07-2012 23:14
Blue Wall
Blue Wall
11-04-2013 09:00
Rose noon
Rose noon From: Elia Stergiopoulou
19-01-2013 17:48
Echoes From: Elia Stergiopoulou via Alberto Lanteri
01-08-2012 16:13
God From: Elia Stergiopoulou via Alberto Lanteri
01-08-2012 16:13