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17-11-2012 16:59
Madness RavineThe Bridge of the Archbishop´s Palace and the Apse of Notre-Dame, Paris - Armand Guillaumin | Museo ThyssenHollow in snowLe-Charrois-Au-Bord-De-La-Seine-Crozant---Echo-RockLes_Meules
The_SeineSoleil Couchant A IvryEpinay sur OrgeLa place Valhubert

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13-08-2013 23:59
Pablo Picasso "The Lovers" LithographAtlantean GoldUntitledPierre Prudhon -  Figure DrawingNudeOld Roman bridge over River Sever, Marvão - Portugal.
City Council Castelo de Vide, very ancient town of my family. Alentejo - Portugal.Évora, path for the group megalithic of Almendres, Alentejo - Portugal.Évora, a group of megalithic homestead "Maria do Meio", Portugal."Draw Me"St. Vincent bandwagon courtyardBasilica from Shaft.

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07-02-2013 17:28

Cesar Caldeira
Thanks Fabio Fraga, you're very kind to share my work. Sending you a big hugCesar

on the cliffs near dieppehouse-of-parliament-sunLondon The Waterloo Bridge cloudy weatherwaterloo-bridge-londonthe-hut-at-trouville-low-tide-1881white water lilies
cliff-at-petit-ailly-at-varengevillewater-lilies-pink-1899Rocks at Port Goulphar - Claude Monet 1886Water LiliesMorning on the seinethe Branch of the seine at Giverny, fog

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18-09-2012 16:58
Anna Boch
Gezicht op VeereDunes au SoleilPink and Yellow HousesLittle Girl in the GardenAnna Boch (1848 - 1936)Martigues
anna boch/1848-1936

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17-11-2012 17:13
Race HorsesAfter the bath or reclining girl 1885Ballet Rehearsal 1873Edgar Degas: Yellow DancersEdgar Degas: The Dance Class 1873-76Nude After the Bath 1- Degas
Portrait of Henri Michel-Levy in his studio, 1879Edgar Degas: In a Café, also called Absinthe

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17-11-2012 17:06
van Gogh
'The Asylum Garden at Arles' - Vincent Van GoghVincent van Gogh: The Shepherdess (after Millet), 1889Vincent van Gogh: Shelter on MonmartreSeascapeOlive TreesVan Gogh
Vincent van Gogh - Landscape Under a Stormy Sky, ArlesVincent Van Gogh: The HarvestersApricot trees in Blossom IIHarvest At La Crau With Montmajour In The BackgroundA group of  cottagesVan Gogh - Blooming Garden with Footpath, Arles [1888]

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17-11-2012 17:10
wheatfieldchildren´s afternoon at wargemontthe Great Boulevardsoarsmen at chatoule pont neuf parisLe Déjeuner des Canotiers - Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Pierre-Auguste Renoir- Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette (Bal du moulin de la Galette),Pierre Auguste Renoir - The Swing

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17-11-2012 16:50
View of the Saint-Martin CanalMorning Sun at Saint-Mammes, 1884Village On The Banks Of The Seine Villeneuve La GarenneA February Morning at Moret-sur-LoingFlood of Port Marly VAbandoned house
A Village street in winterAlfred Sisley - The Boat in the Flood, Port-Marly

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16-11-2012 04:26

Søren Kierkegaard
An amazing picture of how beautyfull women are created.

Kolsaas Mountain
Kolsaas Mountain From: fabio fraga
25-01-2014 14:26
Caillebotte From: fabio fraga via Eduardo Chiaratti
08-08-2013 18:24
Church ruin
Church ruin From: fabio fraga via Sandra B
03-08-2012 01:42