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Always trying for something new.

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Alan Judge

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Alan Judge

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Alan Judge

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26-04-2012 17:37

kostas daskarolis
i really like this album.

Alan Judge
Thank you so much Kostas for taking the time to like and comment on my work. Alan

Alan Judge
Thank you Tatiana..

BO Olsen
Stand tall and be proud Alan, this is one fine collection of your work. I admire It.

Alan Judge
Thanks so much BO..your comment is taken to heart..A

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20-06-2012 21:36

Alan Judge
Thanks Dale for your comment!

M.I. - Helen Decker
wonderful photos !

Alan Judge
Thank you Mihaly..Alan

Gabri Berti
I like you photos, good work!

Nanses Nanai

Gabri Berti
I agree, wonderful photos I admire them too, have a nice day!

Alan Judge
Thank you Gabri!You have a nice day too!

Méli Mélo
Very nice selection, thank you Alan by the same occasion. ^^

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19-06-2012 16:02

Ruth Edward Anderson
Thanks for liking my painting "Quietly Waiting"

Nanses Nanai
Admire these also Alan...they're beautiful!

Ignoranza. From: Alan Judge via Edmondo Denti
02-06-2014 19:18

Ishrat Jahan Tithy
Thnx for sharing it