Album: My favorite photographs

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David LaMarche
i like all your work

George 'Kip' Sudduth
Thank you David

George 'Kip' Sudduth
Lets get some new stuff up Brian, back at you!

Nanses Nanai
Love the album Kip!!

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Loved this album!!many great works.............I did really had a great time today looking trough some of those works here....

George 'Kip' Sudduth
Scanned silver gelatin, digitally solarized.... after a favorite Man of my top five artists

Primavera From: George 'Kip' Sudduth
23 hours 25 minutes ago
Maximum Kale
Maximum Kale From: George 'Kip' Sudduth
23 hours 27 minutes ago
North Window (fall)
North Window (fall) From: George 'Kip' Sudduth
23 hours 29 minutes ago
A Natural Nature
A Natural Nature From: George 'Kip' Sudduth
23 hours 30 minutes ago
A Nature Machine
A Nature Machine From: George 'Kip' Sudduth
23 hours 33 minutes ago
Solar Tree Writing
Solar Tree Writing From: George 'Kip' Sudduth
23 hours 35 minutes ago

George 'Kip' Sudduth
Inspiration from Wheeler and Wendt and images I've been doing since the 70's > The figure in this was shot... read more

Sky Ryder
Sky Ryder From: George 'Kip' Sudduth
01-10-2017 06:06

George 'Kip' Sudduth
Saw a painting on Shah's of Sunset and was inspired

Me From: George 'Kip' Sudduth
15-09-2017 20:14

George 'Kip' Sudduth
Inspired by Brazilian Odires Mlaszho

Caterpillar From: George 'Kip' Sudduth
08-09-2017 19:12
Roots From: George 'Kip' Sudduth
02-08-2017 05:59
Snow Tree
Snow Tree From: George 'Kip' Sudduth
01-08-2017 04:57