Album: Painting and photographic collages

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Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Have visited ythis website this many intersting works Kip.....real nice collection ..Wishing you at the same thime:A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!Hugs from your "muse".....

George 'Kip' Sudduth
Thank you.sorry its taken so long to respond! Wishing you a great year! ks

Perihan Altanlar
so nice!

George 'Kip' Sudduth
Thank you Perihan! I'm working with old drawings and new pure light photos! The juxtapositions are endless

Christopher Ryland
Unique work, Kip!

George 'Kip' Sudduth
Inspired by Delvaux and di Chirico(one of the first painters I copied in the 60's)

Mayan From: George 'Kip' Sudduth
18-02-2017 19:55

George 'Kip' Sudduth
Funny how our eyes take total non objectivity and formulate visual possibility

Christopher Ryland
Another stunning one!

George 'Kip' Sudduth
Thank you my friend!

George 'Kip' Sudduth
Thank you my friend!

Light Tree
Light Tree From: George 'Kip' Sudduth
17-02-2017 04:23
Tree Oculus
Tree Oculus From: George 'Kip' Sudduth
31-10-2016 18:15

George 'Kip' Sudduth
My wife said, ' Where's the Horse?' I said you have to look with different eyes..........

George 'Kip' Sudduth
After watching a PBS special on Art of the 21st century sponsored by a nemesis...the NEA

Pandora From: George 'Kip' Sudduth
20-08-2016 20:47

George 'Kip' Sudduth
Thank you, Zey!

zeynep dagdeviren
like it Kip!

George 'Kip' Sudduth
Thank you ZD

Mirrored From: George 'Kip' Sudduth
30-07-2016 06:46

George 'Kip' Sudduth
Maybe we should really look at what is reflected back at us..........

Silhouette From: George 'Kip' Sudduth
29-07-2016 07:09

zeynep dagdeviren
like this!

George 'Kip' Sudduth
thank you Zeynep!

Hands From: George 'Kip' Sudduth
25-07-2016 23:48