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Hoxton Art Gallery is a commercial art gallery in the heart of East London with an exhibition programme presenting artists at the forefront of contemporary practice. The gallery is run by Director Matthew Nickerson and Head of Gallery Lydia Cowpertwait. Together they foster ongoing relationships with new contemporaries through a curatorial programme consisting of group and solo exhibitions, as well as projects beyond the gallery walls. The gallery showcases art that covers a broad spectrum of media, placing importance on the relationship between aesthetic, the conceptual and political.

Album: Mathew Tom From: Hoxton Art Gallery
Mathew Tom
Untitled, 2010Untitled, 2010The FuturePrincess Meclenburgh-Strelitz, 2011Untitled, 2011Guru I & Guru II, 2010 (Diptych)

02-05-2012 10:00
Album: Lucy Wilson From: Hoxton Art Gallery
Lucy Wilson
Untitled, 2012Untitled, 2012Untitled, 2012Untitled, 2012Untitled, 2012,Into your soul, 2011 (edition of 5)
If You Leave here, 2011 (edition of 5)Find your Future, 2011 (edition of 5)Untitled, 2011Untitled, 2011Untitled, 2010 [Edition of 5]To be left alone, 2011 (edition of 5)

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Album: Kentaro Yamada From: Hoxton Art Gallery
Kentaro Yamada
Hackney Sublime, 2011Tsunami No 6, 2011Tsunami No 5, 2011Tsunami No 4, 2011The Horizontal Number 3 (detail)Horizontal No 2
Light Installation & Tsunami Series

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Album: Katie Sims From: Hoxton Art Gallery
Katie Sims
Bombella, (muted version), 2010Bombella, 2011Brooks Ran Gold, 2011SShoulder the sky and before the echoes fade (Diptych) 2011Severn Lines on Monocle, 2011The War that Sleeps on Severn Side, 2011
Beneath the Blue of the Day, 2011Roller Rocker Boom, 2011Snake Pass [Extended Version, 2011]

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Album: Janne Malmros From: Hoxton Art Gallery
Janne Malmros
Truncated Element II (detail)Truncated Element IITruncated Element III, 2009Truncated Element ITruncated Element III, 2009, (detail)Truncated Element XI, Edition of 12
Unfold, 2007

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Album: Valerie Furnham From: Hoxton Art Gallery
Valerie Furnham
Phantom Fleet, 2012,Phantom Fleet, 2012Phantom Fleet 4, 2012Phantom Fleet 2, 20121-2-4-8-16-24-32-infinity, 2010Installation at the Royal College Film & Installation
145 bpm (detail of installation at the Royal College), 2010145 bpm (featured right) installation view1-2-4-8-16-24-32-infinity, 2010145 bpm, 2010

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Album: Beatrice Haines From: Hoxton Art Gallery
Beatrice Haines
Urban Coral (No.2 from the series), 2012Cloud Chamber (Installation), 2012Bed Stones (Installation), 2011Sanatorium (Installation), 2011Dirty Diamond IR.I.P A.K Horsey, 2012
Thimble SeriesJack's AshesGrape Stalk, 2009Heavenly Bodies IIHeavenly BodiesThimble I, 2008

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Album: HaYoung Kim From: Hoxton Art Gallery
HaYoung Kim
Eat In and Out, 2011Twingled Absent - Royal Academy CollectionYour Avatar Twin, 2011Punch Punch Punch!! 2011Hidden You, 2011X Bolloomosome C1, 2011
Dissappearing Into All As One, 2011(Diptych)HomomopianHaYoung Kim, Identification Defence, 2011X Bolloomosome C2, 2011Ash, 2010.

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