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This is, has been my composite gallery for several years, since Opera Blog/Galleries went off the web. I am very upset with Pictify, as not all my composites stay in my monthly folders.Thank you for erasing the first damned image I uploaded for November. If there is a problem, I'd like to know about it. I have written support with no freaking response. Now it looks as though on top of everything else going wrong in my life I shall have to look for another gallery or quit what I am doing. I do not need this aggravation, I...
Album: 2015 May Composites From: Kathy Jones-Boulier
2015 May Composites
Jalousielittle swingermagic landMat-Mahapink charmerportrait one
portrait twopurple cluster tagredsending wishesspring flowerssteam queen

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01-05-2015 00:07
Album: 2015 January Composites From: Kathy Jones-Boulier
2015 January Composites
white tigervintage holiday wallpaperverlaineveil  dancesweet bluesummer dance
starburst fairySeven !!rose violencepixiepink angelsPeacock dale

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12-02-2015 21:44

Kris Kary
Beautiful works.... Kathy

Allen Jack
everlasting dreadful beauty

Kathy Jones-Boulier
yes, hanging on the night like a rich jewel.....bringing all the worlds' sorrows with her...copped from 2 separate quotes lol. I just love composites~ you can tell a story

Album: 2014 July Composites From: Kathy Jones-Boulier
2014 July Composites
8angel on redangels and laceAraautumn colorsautumn leaves

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07-08-2014 17:19

Daniel DeNapoli Mr. Danno
Great work, Fantasy is very uplifting!!!

Kathy Jones-Boulier
well thank you and I do agree, Keep life from dragging you down

Album: 2014 March Composites From: Kathy Jones-Boulier
2014 March Composites
vintage coralturquoise collagetrusttime slips awaysweet nothingSomewhere
Snipesrules, angelheartred angelpink dancersgoodbye yesterday

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19-03-2014 13:18
Album: 2014 February Composites From: Kathy Jones-Boulier
2014 February Composites
13a capital ship...after earthapophysis missblue sailsBlue Water Bridge, First Span
blushing rosescrowdeath of a living forestglobegoth moonchildhelp

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24-02-2014 07:12
Album: 2014 NEW YEAR Composites From: Kathy Jones-Boulier
2014 NEW YEAR Composites
winter daychasing waterfalls1933 Brooklynabsentiaangelusblack and grey
black and silvercastle towercold worlddelicate blueding donggazebo

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14-02-2014 04:04
Album: 2013 October Composites From: Kathy Jones-Boulier
2013 October Composites
angelic abstractaqua flowBeckybirdsblue hatblue smoky abstract
chasing waterfallsColacopper pennycoral floral 3coral floral 2coral floral 1

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24-12-2013 15:32

Kathy Jones-Boulier
Photoshop CC, AutoFX DreamSuite and Flaming Pear PS filters used

Paul Speed
Thank you for 'like comment live buy enjoy' reference. In fact it has had the opposite effect of redundant and positioned my work across the majority of 'most commented' page. I am glad you are also appreciating my work.

Kathy Jones-Boulier
I would rather my talent position me thusly.

Paul Speed
I agree however I am impatient and don't want to wait for post humous recognition.

Album: My Videos From: Kathy Jones-Boulier
My Videos
My 2013 November CompositesOpera Wallpaper and GraphicsCircus Boy beginningStratovarius - Black Diamond - A Tribute to Timo KotipeltoYour Love by The Cryan' ShamesRochester, New York 2009-2010
Russia 2008Never Gonna Give You Up   My Video ResponseTribute To Timo Kotipelto    LAND OF ICE AND SNOW; INTO THE BLUEFlowers Blooming to Vivaldis' StringsGarden-Pond 2002Some of Our Birds

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25-07-2013 20:14

Kathy Jones-Boulier
hi. for this album I almost exclusively used the new version of Photoshop CC with minimal Paint.NET and it went pretty ok. a few things I don't know yet how to do on CC, like borders, and haven't yet mastered their dropshadows, I refer back to PDN. Open pics for full views;