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island6 Arts Center is an artist-founded, artist-run "art first" not-for-profit organization based in Shanghai with a production site and an adjoining gallery for the cutting-edge, new media artwork of the Liu Dao art collective in Shanghai. The production studio is equipped for all manner of artistic creation – from traditional Chinese papercutting to interactive video animation – while the spacious gallery is used for thematic exhibitions. Every "art forward" island6 exhibition is the product of multi-disciplined, collaborative in-house workshops.

The history of the center dates back to 2006, when it was founded by Thomas Charvériat in a rehabilitated flour mill warehouse...
LED artwork
The Song of Zhou Xuan"My Shirts Will Never Dry" (我的衬衫从不干)All the Things You Are"The Treachery of Trompe l'œil"Turn Me On"Shanghai's Belle Époque"
"My Blue Roar" (我蓝色的咆哮)"A Small Shrine of Mine" (我的小神社)"The Memory Palace" (记忆宫殿)"Navigate the Haze" (迷雾中的光明)"Dilemma with the Seventh Version" (第七个版本的尴尬)"Water Wisely" (水的智慧)

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21-03-2016 09:21
Album: island6@2016 SCOPE New York From: island6
island6@2016 SCOPE New York
"Sideshow" (杂耍)"It's not your Foucault" (不是你的福柯)"Lucky Dragon #5" (第五福龍)"Maybe I Could Live Like This" (或许我能这样生活)"Not What It Used To Be" (新不如旧)

05-12-2015 07:28
Album: “Machine Dreams” From: island6
“Machine Dreams”
"Fermi for the Fighter" (为了战斗者)"Fermi for the Fighter" (为了战斗者)"Wet Weapons" (湿武器)"Drop Point Paradise" (滴点的天堂)

28-10-2015 04:22
Album: “Shanghai Drift” at island ShGarden From: island6
“Shanghai Drift” at island ShGarden
"And So We Made a Mess" (于是我们又捣乱了)"Careless and Cut" (粗心大意害死小宝宝)"I Dream Just of Dollars" (我梦到的只有钱)"Oh I Love Your Balance" (喔!我爱你的平衡)"Rummage Lords" (掘宝的爵)"Worship and Good Glue" (崇拜和一管好胶水)
"Add Your Lazy Layer" (涂一层慵懒)"Inherently Blue" (自然是蓝)

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20-10-2015 11:43
Album: "Babble Jabber" at island6 Hong Kong From: island6
"Babble Jabber" at island6 Hong Kong
"Dignity of the Fuel" (汽油的尊严)"Plucked From Seven" (摘朵七霞)"Precisely the Amount of Feathers" (羽毛精确的数量)"Siren" (诱惑如斯)"Kingdom of Dust" (粉尘王国)"My Imaginary Friend" (不存在的朋友)
"Měinǚ Maniac" (美女疯子)"Division Visions" (除法愿景)"For Glory" (为了荣耀)

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14-10-2015 10:32
Album: “Post No Bills” at island6 Shanghai From: island6
“Post No Bills” at island6 Shanghai
"Fuck Haunted" (阴魂不散的炮友)"The Escape Dream" (梦中逃跑)"The Ambition Stain" (理想的污渍)"Flight Of The Two Wheeled Juggernaut" (单车航道)"Greetings From Sycamore!" (来自枫树的问候!)"Little Living Pull-Tabs" (活活的广告传单)
"Dance of Desperado" (绝望的我)"Tightrope Laundry" (钢丝洗衣线)"Scribbles" (乱涂)"Unsmittenly Written" (随手写作)"Stories on 9th" (九号路上的故事)"I, Myself" (我,我自己)

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13-10-2015 05:15
Album: "Noir Blanc" at island6 Shanghai From: island6
"Noir Blanc" at island6 Shanghai
"Beijing Calling" (北京欢迎您)"Dalliance With The Devil" (嬉戏恶魔)"Evolving Urban Romance" (摩登的都市之爱)"Waiting Wondering Wishing" (等,游,望)

10-10-2015 04:38
Album: "Guts" at island6 Hong Kong From: island6
"Guts" at island6 Hong Kong
"All These Zadigs" (这些新的人)"In Their Hands" (握在手中)"Remnants Of The Dazed And Confused" (华丽的残留)"Kanagawa Cowabunga" (好啊!神奈川!加油!)"Origin Story" (带我离开)"Whistle in The Waste" (垃圾中的口哨)
"Escaping Folds and Shapes" (逃离形状与褶皱)"With the Fire Comes the Rain" (大雨来临)

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08-10-2015 07:16
Album: "Scribbles" at island6 Bund From: island6
"Scribbles" at island6 Bund
"Down to the Countryside" (下乡)"Your Personal Time Slave, Baby" (钟里的仆人)"Scribbles" (乱涂)"Unsmittenly Written" (随手写作)"Stories on 9th" (九号路上的故事)"I, Myself" (我,我自己)
"Oh Be Gentle" (当心啊)"More Than Most" (岂止于多)"Wade While You Wait" (涉水等待)"Grey Reverend" (灰色传教士)"I’m All Over You" (我迷恋你)"Goldfinger" (金指头)

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11-07-2015 06:11
Album: "Broken Bones & Bruises" at island6 ShGarden From: island6
"Broken Bones & Bruises" at island6 ShGarden
Total Outer Worldwide DominationShe’s So…In the SummertimeMoonshine DriveBranching ToyDread Pirate Roberts
Dead Idols, Not Quite IdleTin WomanLet's Make a Mosaic!

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11-04-2015 09:36
Album: "On Doing Laundry" at island6 Shanghai From: island6
"On Doing Laundry" at island6 Shanghai 10-04-2015 09:41