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Process", for me, begins with that initial impulse or idea.... It could be subjective -an interpretation of the environment, a skyscape based on emotional response for example. Or it could be a more formal approach, dealing with the figure and linear construction to the piece. My intent is not to portray the subject, but rather to "capture" its essence, or to delve into an idea where "subject" is used as point for departure. Later come thoughts of craft: qualities of line and pattern, shape relationships, use of materials, surface and markmaking. What interests me is the depiction of...
siennagold"azure"4 models 2lisbon 4sky 243
clouds moving indaybreaksky 243line dancegolden nudethe red haired model

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11-02-2014 19:35

Jane du Brin
Thank you!

Jane du Brin
Thank you so much Jose!

Kris Kary
Awesome painting... Jane

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
You got great taste jane!!!

Jane du Brin
thank you!

the brookeveningflorida cloudscapecloudscape 16upstate/greenevening to the east
to the east/dusknocturne (with a touch of pink)the rivernew york streambrook bedwild rose

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04-01-2013 15:25

M.I. - Helen Decker
enchantante album

Jane du Brin
Thank you!

Mia Feigelson
I love your Photos for two reasons, for being aesthetic and for not being conventional, Jane !!!

BO Olsen
Interesting Work!

Jane du Brin
Thanks Bo!

Jane du Brin
Thank You Dale

Angelina Souren
I agree with Dale!

Jane du Brin
Thank YOU Angelina

M.I. - Helen Decker
j,aime beaucoup votre style de paintures..

model standingline in vine 2sunlight and shadowmodel "at ease"a graphite sketchtorso abstract
newsprint torsogesture!newsprint nudethe "60 second pose"figure ground 2studio lines

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26-04-2012 17:34

Tatiana Domazetovich
beautiful work

Jane du Brin
Thank you Tatiana!

Mary Guimaraes
It is a wonderful work !!

Jane du Brin
Thank you Mary. So glad you enjoy!

Daniel DeNapoli Mr. Danno
Jane you are GREAT!! Love your work!!! De Napoli

watercolour sky
watercolour sky From: Jane du Brin
11-07-2016 02:17

Christopher Ryland
Once again, beautiful simplicity! Thanks for sharing, Jane

Jane du Brin
Thank you so much Christopher, much appreciated!

along the river
along the river From: Jane du Brin
14-05-2016 17:13
bracket From: Jane du Brin
12-04-2016 05:05
draped 2
draped 2 From: Jane du Brin
01-09-2013 16:39

Jane du Brin
Thank you Ruth Love much of your work as well

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
You works are great Jane!

Jane du Brin
Thank you Sonja!!!

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Excellente even this one dearest