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I'm a London-based amateur with a strong intiutive visual sense which is informing my recent development as a photographer, as displayed in the albums entitled "originals".

I like to uncover the remarkable in everyday scenes, and the first public exhibition of my work was in September 2014 at the "Made in Hackney" art fair promoted by Dissenters N16.

Album: Orginals - 1966 From: John Sloboda
Orginals - 1966
Koppelpoort at AmersfoortKoppelpoort at AmersfoortHyde Park in the rainHyde Park in the rainForgotten highway

14-02-2015 23:52
Album: Originals (Made in Hackney) From: John Sloboda
Originals (Made in Hackney)
Wire FrameWaitingUndergrowthFloodOld curiosity shopcradle
announcementPlasticity 3Plasticity 1CanalsideservingThe way in

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05-10-2014 07:34

Mix 'Zigel' T.
awesome album - five sons for ya: ☼☼☼☼☼

Album: Originals (The City by Day) From: John Sloboda
Originals  (The City by Day)
CageSuburbiaSouthwark BluesDescent from the higher levelOne by OneLiving Wall
red across bluered across blueEye levelOn topAtochaUrban geometry

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19-02-2013 22:54
Album: Originals (water and life) From: John Sloboda
Originals (water and life)
WinteriinglakesideQuiverUndergrowthtangletrees by lake
tangleBy the bridgeSkeletonPaletteCarnivalrapids

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26-01-2013 10:18

payal pihu bhatia
Fantastic shots!!

Album: Originals (mixed) From: John Sloboda
Originals (mixed)
domestic blissmotion captureThe daily strugglenetwork 2Suburban dreamChardonnay
Above the shopin positionLobbyWaiting in LimbomerlotThe repository

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20-01-2013 21:40

Megan Everitt Meganwwabus
These are amazing.

Album: Originals (The city at night) From: John Sloboda
Originals (The city at night)
Fancy an ice cream?Christmas glitterbohemiaThe jazz clubParallaxstack
PodNight TrainEmpty plazaAfter the showNight walkersSkylark

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25-01-2013 23:28
Album: stolen portraits (originals) From: John Sloboda
stolen portraits (originals)
broodingI see youAbsorptionFather and sonCouragethe couple
concentrationmeditationTwo stepimaginemantrapensive

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20-10-2013 00:39
Album: Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid From: John Sloboda
Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid
Lady in MauveThe ViaductLarge Railway PaintingDelicate tensionUntitled (Geometrical Drawing)In the bright oval
Hotel RoomHugo Erfarth with dogYoung coupleBunch of flowersFields (Rueil)Portrait of a farmer (peasant)

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19-01-2014 22:50
Album: Serendipity From: John Sloboda
Lisa Breslow Summer HazeAntonija Ciganović Ex Verzotti - Vikendica jednom negde - akvarelnot shaking the grass contact about artists submit Hernan Bas - The Last Protester at the Last Monument to War (2009)SKETCH FOR A DREAM SCENARIO 3BARBEL RICKLEFS-BAHRHome search (modern)
No titleKenneth MacQueen The DamElectricity Substation,Cocking,West Sussex 3Will BarrasAnna Parkina | Birch Jus (2013) | ArtsyBarbu

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19-01-2013 17:58
Street Art
Brick Lane - 2Brick Lane - 1UnknownShoreditch muralShoreditch muralClarion 9
Clarion 8Clarion 7Clarion 6Clarion 4Clarion 3Clarion 1

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11-08-2013 21:48
Album: Lowry Tate Exhibition 2013 From: John Sloboda
Lowry Tate Exhibition 2013
Clarion 5L S Lowry: The CripplesL S Lowry: BargoedL S Lowry:  Industrial LandscapeL S Lowry:  The LakeL.S. Lowry // A Procession,
'The Fever Van', L S LowryL S Lowry:  The RemovalL S Lowry:  St Augustine's Church, PendleburyL S Lowry:  Industrial Landscape: The Canal

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08-09-2013 16:48
Album: Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2013 From: John Sloboda
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2013
Sarah at Oriel.  Ken Howard RACopper Spires III.  Barbara MacFralaneAcoustic Score 2.  Gordon Benson RAHolding my breath.  Janette KerrThe adoration of the cage fighters (detail).  Grayson PerryUndercurrent.  Jean MacAlpine

23-06-2013 21:37
Album: In Barcelona From: John Sloboda
In Barcelona
UnknownRamon Casas. Self Portrait.1883JOSEP MARIA LLADÓ  Untitled Overprint  UndatedJOSEP MASANA  Radiators  Circa 1930ANTONI GAUDÍ, JOAN OÑÓS WORKSHOP  Two-leafed gate for Casa Vicens  Circa 1883-1885HERMEN ANGLADA CAMARASA  Vase of Flowers  1935
PABLO GARGALLO  Large Ballerina  Paris, 1929FRANCESC DOMINGO SEGURA  The Gamblers  Barcelona, 1920XAVIER NOGUÉS  Part of the mural decoration of the cellar of the Galeries Laietanes  1915RANCESC LABARTA, RIGALT, GRANELL I CIA  Stained-glass triptych  1911Ramon Casas and Pere Romeu on a Tandem Barcelona, 1897Deer

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19-06-2013 07:51
Album: From Federico Hewson From: John Sloboda
From Federico Hewson
Half exposureWinter Scenestill film #Drench ReflectionCanal DapplesAmsterdam by night
Ghosts of fashionSeparatedGlass soldiersBox stairsInclusionPossibilities

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23-02-2013 15:21
Album: Photographs From: John Sloboda
Chongqing XI, Chongqing Municipality, 2007Boy Fishing, Daytona Beach 1954untitled by Larry FinkDomazetovich.......the constructionJose Pedro CortesMétro in Paris -  Eric.Parker
Portugal, 1993 - Bruno BarbeycollectionInner soul or loose endsWang Ningde - Some Days No. 25, 2002Displayrene groebli

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20-01-2013 23:22
Album: Contemporary Russian Art From: John Sloboda
Contemporary Russian Art
Sevina Sineva. Erik Bulatov (1979)Sevina Sineva. Erik Bulatov (1979)The Leaf of Life.  Dimitry Plavinsky (1967)Sex in the City.  Gosha Ostretsov (2008) - detailTotem.  Boris Orlov.  (1982-6)Sex in the City.  Gosha Ostretsov (2008) - detail
White turn to be black.  Anna Parkina (2008)The Sign of the Train.  Oskar Rabin (1961)Blue Day.  Vladimir Nemukkin (1959)

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23-01-2013 00:51
Album: Ibrahim Miranda From: John Sloboda
Ibrahim Miranda
Un Toro en Madrid.  Ibrahim MirandaTortoise in Paris, by Ibrahim MirandaIbrahim MIRANDA, "Caballito del Mar. Dublin

24-03-2013 08:55
Album: colour and shape From: John Sloboda
colour and shape
Unknownalgarchristian hetzelBlessed, from Tó CintraAsvirus 55The blue cube, 2014
08.05.2014 b25.08.2014 ajust another masterpiece: Bob Hunt.just another masterpiece: Sandy Ostrau.RainElizabeth Bernard  " Chiffre 2 " 2012

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18-06-2012 17:36
Album: National Gallery Jan 2013 From: John Sloboda
National Gallery Jan 2013
Jan van Huysum | Flowers in a Terracotta VaseJan van der Heyden | View of the Westerkerk, Amsterdam | NG6526 | The National Gallery, LondonCarlo Crivelli | The Vision of the Blessed Gabriele | NG668 | The National Gallery, LondonCarlo Crivelli AnnunciationSIGNORELLI, Luca; The Adoration of the Shepherds, 1496The Four Elements: Earth 1569. Joachim Beuckelaer
Master of Liesborn; The AnnunciationDurer.Painter's father.1497.[NG.London]Canaletto.  The Upper Reaches of the Grand Canal w. S. Simeone PiccoloChalets at Rigi By Alexandre Calame Sale - www.Excavation of the Roman Theatre at OrangeClaude-Oscar Monet | The Japanese Bridge | L1050 | The National ...

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19-01-2013 17:05