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Karin Vaneker graduated from the AKI Academy of Visual Arts in Enschede, the Netherlands and later attended Sint-Lukas, Higher Institute for the Arts in Brussels, Belgium. Since 1999 she has written articles about food for numerous Dutch newspapers and magazines, specializing in the cultural and other histories of ingredients and cuisines. In recent years she has written books, and contributed to several publications and reference works. In 2003, Vaneker started researching edible aroids (or taro), a venture that, in 2007, resulted in an exhibition in Amsterdam and several publications.
Erwin Olaf, Still Life (Beggars' Attributes), 2011Van GoghGerard Röling, 1951unknown  artist c.1620-1625unknown  artist, 1933unknown  artist, 1923
J. BongaertsOtto van  Veen, 1629Tsaritsa Maria Fyodrovna, 1868Willem Claesz, 1629Pieter Claesz, 1636Christoph Paudiss , Hamburg (?) 1625 - Freising 1666/1667

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KitchensceneClara Peeters (1594 - c. 1657)Hendrick Goltzius: Lot and his Daughters 1616Pieter Aertsen 1556Pieter AertsenPieter Aertsen, Market Scene 1561.
Floris van DyckPieter ClaeszFloris Gerritsz van SchootenFloris Gerritsz van SchootenFloris Gerritsz. van Schooten  (1590–1655)Floris van Schooten (circa 1580/1588–1656)

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Nora Heysen, Eggs, 1927François Bonvin, 1883Claes Oldenburg: Sculpture in the Form of a Fried EggLucian Freud, 2002Felix Valloton, 1918Lucio Fontana "Egg"
Matt Brown  'Food and the Future of It–Egg Printer'after Hieronymus Bosch 'The Concert in the Egg'Hieronymus Bosch 'Singers in the Egg' c. 1465 - 1516Jan Steen, 1664Jan SteenDiego Velazquez , 1618.

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The Chef
Italiaanse school (Bologna?), 16e eeuwNicolaes Maes (1634-1693)John Atkinson,Jan Toorop, 1883Chaim Soutine, c. 1922Frans Snyder, c. 1630
Arcimboldo, 1570.Pierre-Édouard Frère, 1858Bernardo Strozzi,1620Bail JosephFrans SnydersBail Joseph

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Koloman Moser, c.1895Anil Gupta Spiritual TattoosSalvador Dali, 1982Nicholas de Lacy-Brown, 2008Jean Fouquet.,1470Sebastiano del Piombo, c. 1516 - 1517
Titian, 1576Nicolas Poussin (1594–1665)The Pieta (Mannequin series) - Anthony ChristianLuis de Morales (1509-1586)Annibale Carracci: PietàCandis Wheat, 2001

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Ann Hedonia
Brilliant album!

Last Supper
Philips Galle , Haarlem 1537 - Antwerpen 1612Last Supperthe last supperIan Fairweather Last SupperLast Supper- Pablo VeroneseThe Last Supper
The Last SupperDieric Bouts Centerpiece The Last Supper alterpieceEl Greco, "The Last Supper"Stanley Spencer, (English painter, 1891–1959) The Last SupperThe Last SupperThe Sacrament of the Last Supper

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Meet Meat Art
Barent Fabritius , Midden-Beemster 1624 - Amsterdam 1673Bartholomeus Van der Helst, 1666Adriana Varejão "Ruína de Charque" 2003Adriana Varejao, 'Green Tilework in Live Flesh' 2000Natalia Goncharova 'Still life with ham' 1912Felix Valloton, 1918
Damien Hirst 'With Dead Head'' 1991Faisal Samra - Arab MeatDamien Hirst, A Thousand Years (detail) 1990Damien Hirst, Love’s Paradox (Surrender or Autonomy, Separateness as a Pre-condition for Connection), 2007.meats and selfportraitsJana Sterbak, 1987

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KoganKoganKoganKoganKogan in the Domgalerie in Cologne, winter 1928.Karl Ernst Osthaus (1874—1921)
KoganMoishe (Moissey) Kogan Russian, 1879-1943 Russian : Lot 5048Moissey Kogan (1879-1943) - Russian-Jewish Sculptor/Moissey Kogan (1879-1943) - Russian-Jewish Sculptor/Moissey Kogan (1879-1943) - Russian-Jewish Sculptor/Kogan

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