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Artist and scientist represented by Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, NYC
Album: The Parallel Series From: Kelly Heaton
The Parallel Series
Solar Plexus (2009 - 2011)Spout Run in the Rain (2010 - 2012)Spout Run at Dusk (Batrise) (2009 - 2011)Self-Portrait (Resisto Ergo Sum) (2005 - 2012)Fireflies with insect chorus in a grassy field (2012)Early Summer Insect (2012)
Dem Wald (2005)The Beginning (2005)An Exposition on Life, The Parallel Series (2012)The Tree of Life and Death (Loberg) 2005 - 2010Detail of work surface from The Parallel Series (2005 - 2012)Detail of Self Portrait (Resisto Ergo Sum), 2005 - 2012

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23-08-2012 19:03
Kelly Heaton
The Pool (2001) -- Rear viewThe Pool (2001)Detail of the Pool (2001)Detail of The Pool (2001)Anatomy of the Furby, detail (2000)Live Pelt Fashionsita (2003)
Live Pelt Debutante (2003)Detail of the Live Pelt Alchemist (2002-2003)Disembowled Elmo (2002)Live Pelt, the Alchemist video set (2002-2003)Live Pelt, detail of the Surrogate with Portrait Series in backgroundSelf-Portrait from Live Pelt (2002 - 2003)

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27-04-2012 17:18
journalTarot CardsTarot Dali " Moon" by Salvidore DaliJorge Pineda El Bosque MentirasBerndnaut Smilde- Nimbus II [ Out Of Focus: Photography]Jenny Saville
ron mueckYumiko Utsu- Octopus Portrait [ Out Of Focus: Photography ]"Le Ventre," by David AltmejdVincent van Gogh: Ravinegerhard richterJennifer West- Dawn Surf Jellybowl Filmstrip 1 [ Out Of Focus: Photography ]

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27-04-2012 16:24

abhishek kumar
very interesting

Angels at the Vatican MuseumAngels at the Vatican MuseumAngels at the Vatican MuseumCeiling at PompeiiBorromini's San Carlo alle Quattro FontaneBasilica di Santa Maria Maggiore
Gian Lorenzo Bernini - Ecstasy of St. TheresaDove on the ceiling of Amalfi CathedralMichelangelo - PietaFountain at Villa D'Este, Tivoli ITFountain in Amalfi

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27-04-2012 16:20
Louis Vuitton x Yayoi KusamaYayoi Kusama, Soul Under the Moonfireflies on the water, Yayoi KusamaYayoi Kusama – Extraordinary « Beloved MediaVincent Van Gogh: the Poets GardenST JEROME READING IN AN ITALIAN LANDSCAPE
Sandro Botticelli- The Birth of VenusMelancholy and Mystery of a Street - by Giorgio de ChiricoAlbrecht Dürer - A Young HareThe Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, EvenApollo's Chariot, Odilon Redon (1909)Yayoi Kusama

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26-04-2012 18:53
Sacro Bosco
Sacro Bosco turtleSacro Bosco, Sea CreatureSacro Bosco, Nymph in the acorn plazaSacro Bosco, reclining lady / Earth goddessSacro Bosco, reclining goddessSacro Bosco, crooked house
Sacro Bosco, view of crooked houseSacro Bosco_1

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26-04-2012 18:22