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Art is in everything... Words, hands, minds, eyes, gestures, music, dance, theatre, nature... "Earth" without art would be ..."eh".
I live in Athens (Greece) and I like to take pictures wherever I go. It seems that the world looks different trough my lenses. I love to feel art in its every form.

Joerger Thomas
sweet !

essyed yassin
music is important .It's the bulding.

Burning Brains The Band
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Sajjad Khan

a wonderful collection of photos. :-))

Patrick Yay
Elli, you have variety of taste. My understanding of art human emotions connected with the material world but in true sense it starts from within, the reflections of the images of the external world how you perceive it. Close your eye and think and yet you can still see the images which is the memory of the experience of your five senses. The abstract art is more of imginations from the collection of memories imprinted in your subconscious mind which is interpreted and transformed into the visual art either two dimension or three dimension. Your brain and mind is more important than your eyes and your lenses.