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Van Gogh
Vincent Van GoghVincent Van Gogh, Lane of Poplars at Sunset (1884)Vincent van Gogh - View of Arles with Irises in ForegroundVincent van Gogh- The Potato EatersHowStuffWorks "Houses at Auvers by Vincent van Gogh"Vincent van Gogh: Ravine
Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, Vincent Van GoghVincent van Gogh: Starry night over the RhôneVincent Van Gogh - Starry Night in RhoneVincent van Gogh - Landscape Under a Stormy Sky, Arles

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05-08-2012 14:15
Andrew Wyeth - EasterlyLight Of GodSpencer's IslandFrederic Edwin Church: COTOPAXI (76.89) — The Detroit Institute of ArtsCape Chignecto StormApple River Bar
Albert Bierstadt- The Shore of the Turquoise SeaFigures In Seascape

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30-07-2012 13:43
Claude Monet: Plein Air Painter and ImpressionistClaude Monet - Weg in Monets Garten in GivernyMonetClaude MonetMonet at the National Gallery of Art | a blind flaneurClaude Oscar Monet: Water Lily Pool
Cliff Walk at Pourville.  Claude Monet 1882Claude Monet - Red poppies at Argenteuil

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30-07-2012 13:28
Light Of GodLiving on the Edge, ClareApple RIver Sea MarshApple River At SunsetVincent Van Gogh: the Poets GardenEatonville Telphone Pole
Spencer's Island GIrlHenri Edmond Cross - Afternoon at Pardigon, VarCamille Pissarro: LandscapeGiuseppe Zais: Landscape with River and BridgeRosalina Cantú Guzmán: Earth, Art, Van Gogh !Vincent van Gogh- Wheat Field with Cypresses

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30-07-2012 13:19
oil - Horse (without title), oil painting, 16x20 inch by Doris JoaAURA OF AUTUMN 3 - LEONID Leonid AfremovDAVID HOCKNEY: DRAWING IN A PRINTING MACHINE | Rainy Night on ...Van Goghsurprice
Leonid Afremov – Leonid Afremov Art | ArtSweetNew Orleans Alive cityscape rainy street Debra Hurd, original ...RAINY ETUDE - LEONID AFREMOV by *Leonidafremov on deviantART

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30-07-2012 13:10

Dyan WoowardBrooks
I like this

Kevin Legere
looking into the face of god

Gas Station
Gas Station From: Kevin Legere via Lindley Farley
28-07-2012 01:11

christopher yates
Saw her last fall. People were weeping in front of her. Awesome!

Kevin Legere
This painting i,ve always liked it is kind of creepy but at the same time it makes you wonder what... read more

Kevin Legere
I was not a fan of the impressionist movement at one time but I grew to appreciate it later in... read more

Kevin Legere
I love the way Vermeer creates such beauty with the use of just shadows it keeps you focust on the... read more

Catherine Meyers
I got to see this one last year in NYC Kevin. It was very small I was surprised, I thought... read more

Kevin Legere
You are so fortunit to see a original Van Gogh.I did get to see the Mona Lisa at the Louvre... read more

Catherine Meyers
Ooo well The Louvre! Now that's something! I would love to see that! I saw a picture on FB once... read more

Kevin Legere
That is what I wanted to do on my 37th birthday my ex-wife and I were visiting her aunt and... read more

Catherine Meyers
I can get lost in Museums and galleries! Might have to send out the search party! The Metropolitan in NYC... read more

Kevin Legere
This painting makes me want to sit down in that chair below the window and let the wind blow through... read more