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John Singer Sargent: Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Phelps Stokes (38.104) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of ArtSalvador Dali: Couple aux têtes pleines de nuagesMarc Chagall - Blue LoversThe kiss - Toulouse LautrecUnknown Iranian Masters: Shah Abbas IJan van Eyck - Arnolfini Portrait
Jean-Honore Fragonard: The Stolen KissThe Kiss - by Constantin BrancusiRené Magritte : Les merveilles de la nature (The Wonders of Nature)Paul Gaugin: Arearea, also called JokesPierre-Auguste Renoir: Dance at BougivalRené Magritte - The Lovers

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23-07-2014 09:14
Francesco Guardi: Bacino di San Marco con San Giorgio e la Giudecca, 1785Francesco Guardi: Venice, the Bacino di San Marco with the Piazzetta and the Doge‟s PalaceFrancesco Guardi: VeneziaFrancesco Guardi: Processione notturnaFrancesco Guardi: Le grand canalFrancesco Guardi: Venice
Francesco Guardi: Venice - Maria della Salute and DoganaPaul Signac - The Green Sail, VeniceClaude Monet - Palazzo Contarini, Venice(Giovanni Antonio Canal) Canaletto - The Betrothal of the Venetian Doge to the Adriatic SeaPierre-Auguste Renoir: View of Venice, Fog

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22-07-2014 18:32
Edgar Degas
Edgar Degas: Ballet Dancer on StageEdgar Degas: Ballet Dancers on the stageEdgar Degas: Dancer in PinkEdgar Degas: Yellow DancersEdgar Degas: In a Café, also called AbsintheEdgar Degas: The Ballet Class
Edgar Degas - Danseuses bleuEdgar Degas - Art and WritingEdgar Degas - L'etoileEdgar Degas Dancer adjusting her slipperTwo Dancers - Edgar DegasThe Green Dancer - Edgar Degas

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22-07-2014 12:00
Nakonxipan: Paul Cézanne (January 19, 1839 – October 22, 1906)Salvador Dalì by Irving Penn | FilmmakerIQ.brassai/1899-1984/'henri matisse'MoMA | The Collection | Berenice Abbott. James Joyce. 1928Berenice Abbott, ca. 1920 — Man Ray1866 : Vincent Van Gogh aged 13
Edgar Degas (1912) by Bartholomé AlbertAlfred Stieglitz: Georgia O'Keeffe,Walt Whitman, 1872 — PearsallFrida KahloThe world of old photography: Yousuf Karsh: George Bernard Shaw, 1943 Leon...Buster Keaton

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22-07-2014 11:33
Claude Monet
Claude Monet: Sailboats on the SeineClaude Monet: The Grand Canal, VeniceClaude Monet: Waves BreakingClaude Monet - Weg in Monets Garten in GivernyClaude Monet - Autumn Effect at Argenteuil, 1873.Claude Monet: The Seine at Lavacourt
Claude Monet - Impression SunriseClaude Oscar Monet: On the Bank of Seine BennecourtClaude Oscar Monet: Water Lily PoolThe ManneportClaude Monet - Morning on the Seine in the Rain, 1897-Claude Monet - Étretat, the Aval door. Fishing boats leaving the harbour, c. 1885

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22-07-2014 11:06
Gustav Klimt
Gustav Klimt - Der Hofschauspieler Josef Lewinsky (1835-1907) als Carlos in "Clavigo"Gustav Klimt- Beethovenfries "Die Sehnsucht nach dem Glück"Gustav Klimt- Allee im Park vor Schloß KammerGustav Klimt - Sonja Knips (1873-1959), geb. Sophie Amalia Maria Freifrau Potier des EchellesGustav Klimt- Judith IGustav Klimt- Death and LIfe
Gustav Klimt- Die BrautGustav Klimt- The Virgins - National Gallery PragueGustav Klimt- Fritza Riedler (1860-1927), geb. Friederike LangerGustave Klimt: Bauerngarten (Blumengarten)Gustav Klimt - Johanna StaudeGustav Klimt- Adam and Eve

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22-07-2014 09:22
Edgar Degas: Two dancersPaul Cézanne, Sketch after Puget's 'Milo of Croton'Polly Barnard (also known as study for Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose) - John Singer Sargent - WikiPaintings.orgWilliam Butler Yeats - John Singer Sargent - WikiPaintings.orgHenri Matisse: Study for Song (2002.456.45) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of ArtGeorges Seurat: Woman Singing in a Café Chantant
Georges Pierre Seurat: Woman Seated by an EaselGiovanni Benedetto Castiglione- Diogenes Searching for an Honest ManLe Brun Charles: Trois têtes d'hommes en relation avec le lionMichelangelo Buonarroto: The Rape of GanymedeLeonardo da Vinci: Study for Madonna with the YarnwinderAnnibale Carracci - Head of a Youth

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01-09-2012 09:37