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Egon Schiele
Egon Schiele- Self Portrait with PhysalisEgon Schiele - self portraitEgon Shiele-Gerti Shiele 1911Egon SchieleEgon Schiele - Edith Schiele, die Frau des Künstlers, sitzendEgon Schiele: Woman Laying on her Back, 1914
Edvard Munch- The ScreamEgon Schiele:  Field of Flowers, 1910Egon Schiele: Woman With Legs Drawn Up (Adele Herms)Egon SchieleEgon Schiele: Two Girls, 1911WebMuseum: Schiele, Egon

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25-10-2012 05:18
Janice Skivington Paints FlowersSand flowersMURO FIORITOFocusVIOLET FLOWERSROSE
Claude Monet - Weg in Monets Garten in GivernyTim Maguire 20120101 2012Tim Maguire Untitled 94U39Tim Maguire 20111101 2011Tim Maguire 20111012 2011

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24-10-2012 17:29
Wayne Thiebaud
Wayne Thiebaud: Cakes and Pies, 1995BlogPost - Wayne Thiebaud: Google, cakes and 49 years of artWayne Thiebaud: Half CakesWayne Thiebaud: Meringue Mix, 1999"Deviled Eggs" by Wayne Thiebaud, 1962Wayne Thiebaud Girl with ice-cream cone 1963
Wayne Thiebaud, Apartment

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22-10-2012 21:03
Christopher (KIT) Carson 1845Bonnie and ClydeSome Like it Hot « trinketizationBette Davis-Margo ChanningFile:Humphrey Bogart by Karsh (Library and Archives Canada).jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaEDITH PIAF
The Kennedy'sartnet Galleries: Elizabeth Taylor Sunning Herself on the Marfa, Texas Set of "Giant" by Sid Avery from Monroe Gallery of Photographyartnet Galleries: Cassius Clay and Malcolm X, Miami by Bob Gomel from Monroe Gallery of PhotographyCelebritiesCelebritiesCelebrities

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18-10-2012 20:33
Eric Fischl
The Bed, the Chair - Eric FischlEric Fischl bbqEric Fischl - The Clemente FamilySocialEyesNYC Eric Fischl Portraits, Shorewalkers, Johannes Brahms ...Eric Fischl: Master Bedroom (Her Master's Voice)Eric Fischl
Eric Fischl, April in Paris, 1998. Oil on Linen. 61 x 71 inches. All images © Eric Fischl 2010, All Rights ReservedEric Fischl:Untitled, 1982The Raft - Eric Fischl 2007Eric Fischl: A Visit To / A Visit From / The IslandEric Fischl: Birthday Boy, 1983Eric Fischl - The Old Man’s Dog and the Old Man’s Boat

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29-09-2012 14:51
Man Ray
man ray – yesterday, today, tomorrow | fleurmachLee Miller [hand], 1929 — Man Rayman ray/1890-1976Man Ray 1890-1976. Portrait de Catherine Deneuve, 1966Man Ray , 1936Man Ray - Hand on lips
Man Ray: Peggy Guggenheim, 1924sleeping woman, 1929 - Man RayMan Ray (Emmanuel Radnitzky) (American, 1890 – 1976) ‘Dead Leaf’ 1942Kiki au Pagne by Man RayMan Ray - Dora Maar 1936Ode to Man Ray by Vanessa P

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29-09-2012 15:00
Rene Magritte
René Magritte: Time transfixedRené MagritteRené Magritte: The False MirrorRené Magritte, La Magie NoireRené Magritte - L'invention Collective - 1934René Magritte - The Lovers
René Magritte - Faraway looks, 1927René Magritte - Le Blanc-Seing, 1965René Magritte - The Son of Man, 1926René Magritte - Time TransfixedRené Magritte - Memory of a Voyage, 1952René Magritte - Golconde

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18-09-2012 19:12
Gustav Klimt
Gustav Klimt - WasserschlangenGustav Klimt with CatGustav Klimt- The Virgins - National Gallery PragueGustav Klimt- Death and LIfeFemale Nude - Gustav KlimtGustav Klimt, The Golden Knight (Life Is a Struggle), 1903
Gustav Klimt: The Park of Schloss KammerGustav Klimt - Nuda Veritas / Naked TruthGustav Klimt-portret of Helene KlimtGustav Klimt, Two Girls with an Oleander c.1890-92Gustav Klimt: Zwickelbild an der Nordseite des Stiegenhauses imGustav Klimt, Austrian, 1862-1918, Fishblood, 1898

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14-09-2012 15:37
Andrew Wyeth: 'The Hunter', 1943Andrew WyethAndrew WyethAndrew Wyeth - A Boy DaydreamingAndrew Wyeth, Renfield (1999)by Andrew Wyeth
Andrew Wyeth - Snow HillAndrew WyethAll Forgotten Yesterdays: Andrew Wyeth- Collier SchorrAndrew WyethAndrew Wyeth - PentecostAndrew Wyeth: Maine Room

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10-09-2012 05:00
Walking through geometry - Flickr user Miffy O"Upstairs"Olafur Eliasson Infinity staircaseSydney Long 3Seen Better DaysStreetart utopia
Cathedral Stairs, Rouen, FranceEGODESIGN.CA The first canadian webzine dedicated to global designstairsstaircaseyellow stairsgold staircase

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14-09-2012 05:48
les chats
"in the tenderness there is never incompatible"This is why?morning requestwhite and blackshy girlsOlga Trushnikova
Cat Kacor KingLucian Freud:Girl with a Kitten 1947Jessie Wilcox SmithChats, je vous aime..Chats, je vous aime..Chats, je vous aime..

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14-09-2012 05:24
Edward Hopper
Edward Hopper: A Woman in the SunEdward Hopper - Near the Back ShoreEdward Hopper, "Tables for Ladies", 1930Summer Evening 1947 ~ Edward HopperBoy and Moon 1906-07 ~ Edward HopperEdward Hopper - Adam's House  1927
Edward Hopper - New York Corner (Corner Saloon). 1913.Edward Hopper"Office In A Small City" by Edward Hopper, 1953Edward Hopper: Cape Cod Afternoon  1936Edward HopperEdward Hopper

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12-09-2012 14:19