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Vincent Pontarelli
Like your work very much

Michelle Bennett
Thankyou x x x

JoAnn Valenti
Incredible talent! Love your work

Edward Lane
very nice

Mario Ruffolo
all i can say is creativity is your name

Richard Savage
Lovely work, Michelle! :)

maria mascarenhas
Michelle todas as suas obras desde desenho a fotografia etcsao simplesmente magnificas! geniais :):)

Scrumpy in my wellieBorisChicoLoopie in the ash bucketBuster & LoopieEagle
BusterLoopieFreak & LoopieLoopiePlant 2Plant 1

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02-08-2012 16:43

payal pihu bhatia
such a cute album Michelle:)...loved the pics,all of them are adorable....

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Have taken a look into this collection this day..Wonderful album Michelle!!Loved them all!!!Wishing you a real lovely saturday!!Lots of loves from Norway

Water FishOptical IllusionJungleInk On Paper By Ramon BruinComputer Generated Image Of How The Bloods Vessels In A Human Head Would Look LikeShine
MoonErwin Olafby Dan MountfordUnder The SeaTree WomanLove Is

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02-08-2012 15:38

Paul Oulton

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
I`m speachless........fab collection/album Michelle!!

James Nucci

maria mascarenhas
Fotos fabulosas Michelle

Raymond Rogers
Great..........super creative...

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink
Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Snowy Night In ChesterThunderhead CloudAsperatus Cloud FormationBig BenForksTornado, North Dakota
Swirling Storm, NebraskaThe Power Of NatureStorm Clouds Approaching GibraltarStorm Clouds Approaching GibraltarSummertimeSadnessFork Lightning September 4th

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09-08-2012 11:26

I Wanna
I love this album!

Tony Nudo
Great album,I cant wait to start my own!

Dickon Thompson
And that's as good a name as any for this album!

H. R. Gigergallery ‹ h.r. giger ‹ artists ‹ art ‹ meridian.H. R. Giger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediagigergigergiger

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02-08-2012 11:38
EscherM.C. EscherM.C. EscherDay And Night by M. C. Escher25: Relativity by M. C. EscherMC Escher, Bond of Union (1956)
EscherM. C. Escher - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaM C Escher - Drawing HandsEscherBelvedere - Escher

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02-08-2012 11:35
Salvador Dali - Mae West (Face of Mae West Which Can Be Used as an Apartment)"(1934)Living Still Life, Salvador Dali, 1956DaliweenThe Joy Of Finding One's Self So Fascinating, DaliSet Design for Spellbound, Salvador DaliThe Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus - Salvador Dali -
Dali AtomicusThe Wounded Soft Watch, Salvador Dali, 1974Horse & Rider, Salvador Dali, 1935Salvador DaliGenio, Salvador DaliLobster Telephone, Salvador Dali, 1936

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02-08-2012 11:29

Paul Oulton
The one thing of which the world will never have enough is exaggeration.

Andy Warhol, Self Portrait in Drag, 1980Andy Warhol With John & YokoAndy Warhol: Mona LisaAndy Warhol: Self-PortraitAndy WARHOL | Self-portrait no. 9Andy Warhol: Self-Portrait
Andy Warhol: The AMerican ManAndy WarholAndy Warhol at Pop / Andy Warhol - Pop International GalleriesAn Andy Warhol tribute | NewYork Blog notizie, curiosità e ...Andy Warhol: Double ElvisThinking About Death, Andy Warhol

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08-08-2012 11:20
Angry CatDolphin RidingEmperor PenguinsTell Me Another One!KingfisherDrink Up!
Bald EagleSawfishHump Back WhaleSea Turtle HatchlingsSnowy OwlHow Cute?

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22-08-2012 13:25

Vincent Pontarelli
Thank you so much for all the likes and the shareing

Vincent Pontarelli
Thank you so much for all the likes and the shareing

Michelle Bennett
No, thank you! Your work is fantastic x x x

wayne miles
Love this Album

inked up
By Caglar TattoozoneGiger Back PieceTattoo
J5Nikko HurtadoBikersTattooTattooTattoo

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06-08-2012 08:23
Fall From: Michelle Bennett via jaime lim
15-09-2012 11:36
Intrigue From: Michelle Bennett via Alberto Lanteri
05-09-2012 14:44